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The Ugly Truth about LaRouche's Policy of Enforced Abortions

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The principal source of impotence, both male and female, is the mother. In bourgeois society, the mother possesses the infant and child, usually against the intrusion of the father into the mother-child relationship. Typically, the child learns to hate the mother because of her sadistic possessiveness, but is nonetheless dependent upon the quality of sadism called "mother-love." Thus, the child learns to associate infantile hatred with the name of love.
Source: THE POLITICS OP MALE 'IMPOTENCE' NCLC Internal memo, Lyn Marcus (Lyndon H. LaRouche); Aug. 16, 1973.

LaRouche wrote in an internal memorandum that women want children because they have a boring relationship:

"that a woman's desire for a child is often an indication that the mariage itself has becoming (sic) dull, boring. [...] The essential thing, is that each must be a center of individualized and fruitful creative ferment. Without this, true love cannot exist. Thus the earliest, often overlooked warning-sign of a marital relationship in trouble, is intellectual banality in one or both." (1)

..."Intellectual banality" which he calls further in this memo "intellectual sterility." In other words: if couples desire children, this i's an indication of their decay into "intellectual sterility". In LaRouche's mind, "creativity" is superior to "mere pro-creativity" and desiring children isn't therefore a good sign of "mental health"...

In this rare exchange with a member, he was asked directly about "abortion policy". LaRouche tried to explain that there is a "good" abortion policy, when it conforms with "Natural Law" and a "bad" one when it is a "systematic" policy...

"...abortion was practiced chiefly by witches, and it's in England. These were professed witches, and they pushed abortion as a matter of policy, rather than just as a matter of individual choice, but as a matter of policy for individual choice, as a matter of Satanic attack on civilization." (2)

So, according to LaRouche "abortion as a matter of policy" = "Satanic attack on civilization"!!!
... could the name of one of the "aborting (larouchian) witches" be "Nancy Spannaus"?

And here is the ugly truth some ex-members reveal which is behind this apparent "intellectual debate":

"As undernourished members “deployed” for 16 hours a day raising money, and were forced to have, collectively, hundreds of abortions to save their energies for serving him, LaRouche built up his ego, bully-lust, and palatial estate." (3)
"'xlcr4life': Brewncue, if your friend was in the LC for a long time, can you ask him about the role Nancy Spannaus played in LC women and abortions. I still have a hard time believing that we put out a Fusion magazine with the cover "No limit's to growth" and set up a farce called the Club of Life with Nancy running it when you find out about how many members had abortions. Anyone wish to figure out why so many LC women adopted later in life?"
"'eaglebeak': As to population growth--I would be WAY more impressed with LaRouche's pro-population stance if I didn't know that virtually every woman in the LaRouche org had at least one abortion, often more, and almost always under extreme duress from the leadership. The world needs more people, but it evidently didn't need the children of Labor Committee members.
At least one woman was forced to have an abortion when she was FIVE MONTHS PREGNANT.
Nope, not too impressed with LaRouche's population policies." (4)
"'xlcr4life': Lyn did one of the most despicable things a few years ago to elderly female members who had abortions for the org and were now in menopause. Lyn came into the office and proudly annonced that his son Danny's wife just gave birth and he was a proud grandpa!
Quite a few cried in private at what 30 years of this lunacy has led to. " (5)
"'eaglebeak': Do you realize that virtually every woman in the Labor Committee from the early 1970s through the 1990s--every woman who was fertile, that is--had at least one abortion?
Do you know that it sometimes took repeated "interventions" by the NEC and other "leaders" to force pregnant members to get abortions?
Do you know that in the 1970s Lyn declared that women want to have children only when they are tired of their husbands (a little autobiographical hysteria there)?" (6)
Comments from D. King at Open Letter #1 to LaRouche Youth Movement members at

In the LaRouche Organization, you are not supposed to have a family and raise children. From LaRouche's "schachtian" standpoint, it is time-consuming and costs money. More deeply, or we would say psychologically, this is designed to prevent his "Youths" from starting to become responsible adults. It also targets specifically the female members as part of his hatred against what he calls the "Evil Feminine Principle"...
LaRouche makes it clear that having children and be a member are highly incompatible. Either you go to an abortion clinic or... you leave.

Many left.

The LaRouche "Club of Life" was very much "aligned" with Indira Gandhi who was a defender of "Population-control".
However, one of its founding members was French doctor Emmanuel Tremblay, president of the first anti-abortion organization in France "Laissez-les-vivre".
This is all criminal hypocrisy.

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