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OR... Do you speak "Larouchian"?

“If thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.”
– George Orwell

Like in the Nineteen Eighty-Four Orwellian nightmare or cults like Scientology, so the Larouche Organization has its "code-words", its own newspeak. Here is a little lexicon to help decrypting what they are really talking about:

From ex-recruit "Giselle" at
The use of language is also derived from fiction.
It is frequent for members to engage in discussions or speeches whose real meaning they do not master, making use of rigid/frozen expressions, word-of-mouth statements, a mixture of watered down soup, humanism, and financial crashes…so much so that the member will completely lose touch with the reality of their own speech. I look back and see myself being overcome with all these declarations and thoughts. I think back to how my reaction was to respond and regurgitate all this. It came as words out of my mouth like I was preaching a sermon from which there would be strange and straightforward opinions.
The “ organisage” (Anglicism) does not indicate dialogue, political discourse, or propaganda, it simply describes the process of “self-recruitment”, whether conscious or not, that a member of the group goes through as he or she approaches a potential or new member. Maintaining the cohesion of all the members of the organisation rests upon a fictitious world-wide conspiracy.

The "Basement" :

In Leesburg, Virginia, a place where some members of the LaRouche Youth Movement have the privilege (and reward) to "study" Kepler or Gauss in order to become "geniuses" like LaRouche, be part of the "inner elites".
The goal of the LYM's life is to be in the Basement.

The "Boiler room" :

A place where the "phone team" calls the contacts caught from the "field" in order to raise more money.

To "block":

"You are blocking!" is a typical personal attack/criticism against a member who has problems to fully, emotionally do/understand what he/she is supposed to do/understand. Could be singing in the choir (compulsory), "organizing" in the streets, raising money on the phone, studying Kepler, or defending some new, crazy idea of Larouche... Any "emotional" resistance ("block") to... becoming a fully brainwashed servile member of the LYM would be fingered at as "blocking". If these "blocking" symptoms persist, then this member in question could be taken in charge more closely (to break the "block"), get him/her back to "focus"...
From (xlcr4life - Posted on Sunday, June 20, 2004 - 9:36 am)
What I found fascinating is how Hubbard wanted every one to be "Clear" in Scientology speak, after giving up all mental and monetary ownership.
LHL used the word "Blocked". As in "The reason you could not hit quota is because you are blocked. Let us use Beyond Psychoanalysis to unblock you". LHL would often berate his sycophants by boasting that he is the only "Unblocked" human on Earth. He would also wish that he was blocked to experience what his mere mortal sycophants were going through, to better understand them.
In LaRouche's view, it also means some "mental constipation":
"LaRouche even raised his fascination with feces to philosophical dimensions. He claimed that "empiricism/reductionism" model that included everyone from David Hume to B.F. Skinner to Jean-Paul Sartre was a manifestation of a "little hard ball" or "monad" psychology based on an infantile notion of feces. When LaRouche popularized the phrase "You're blocking" he meant it both in a mental and physical sense since he believed that the real problem with truly grasping dialectical thinking, gestalt creativity, "species consciousness," etc., was due to a kind of mental constipation rooted in physical constipation. By "unblocking," seemingly ordinary individuals could develop into creative geniuses." (From “THINK DOWN YOUR COLON” – APPENDIX TO THE CHRIS WHITE AFFAIR)

Boomer ("baby-boomers"):

People aged 50+. They are considered as immoral and degenerate. Basically they represent the generation LaRouche wants to get rid from his movement. It conveniently (psychologically speaking) targets most of his young recruits parents. More concretely, it helps LaRouche to save money from these older members who are exhausted after 30+ years of slave-labor activism and whose poor health threatens LaRouche's "retirement plan".

Brainwashing :

Is said "brainwashed" anyone who disagrees with the Larouche "Organization" while giving some credit to what people or the Medias say. The Medias are considered as an instrument of "mass-brainwashing".
Consequently, everybody else but a larouchie is considered (by the larouchies) as "brainwashed".


Somebody with no "morals," who is "hedonist" or "selfish", who doesn't fully support LaRouche. For example: to get money for yourself when there is not enough money even for your daily food.

The "Field" :

Basically, the LYM members ("field organizers") who spend their time in the streets at a card table shrine, trying to sell their literature and get some "contacts" for the "boiler room" team.
The activity of a "field organizer" is not far from mendicity given the fact the "Organization" pays these "volunteers" a weekly stipend of only $20-50 (when they get it!). The "field organizer" will often secretly divert a few bucks to buy some food that day. If discovered they will be labeled as "degenerate."

To "focus" :

This is the opposite of "blocking": to concentrate on the political, ideological goals of the organization to get a LYM member back to organizing and raising money.

To "freak out":

In the organization lingo, it means to somebody who "breaks down psychologically". Effect on somebody who is been shocked when told the "Truth."
From French "ex-" larouchies:
Fricouter: From "to freak-out" in English, experience of fear and irrational behaviour.
Refers to a person who loses his nerves, who explodes suddenly and violently.
Oddly, when I told him he was a Nazi and a sexual perverse he has "fricouté"!
(translated from French - at a site of "former" larouchies)
Interestingly, Scientology uses their coded term "Operation Freakout", a plan to carry out the policy of attacking perceived Scientology enemies.

Lyn :

"Lyn" is the name larouchies use for "Lyndon LaRouche". It may date back from the time he called himself "Lyn Marcus". This creates a fictitious personal bond with him, especially for those who don't know him personally.
This is typical in cults. L. Ron Hubbard (Scientology) is often called "Ron" by his followers. Reverend Sun Myung Moon is called "Father".


Short for the LYM's "operations". Could be any political intervention ("deployment") like distributing leaflets or disrupting some public event.

Operation :

An "operation" is a term used to characterize anything or anybody that is believed to destroy the LaRouche organization (or "assassinate" LaRouche).
Jeremiah Duggan was considered to be such an "operation".

The "Organization" :

The name for the LaRouche's own movement used by his adepts. It encompasses all its present entities like: Schiller Institute, EIR, LYM, LPAC, 21st Century, etc.
Interestingly, Scientology uses a similar coded word: the "Org", with a similar meaning.

To "organize" :

This is the basic daily activity of any larouchie: it consists of "briefing" a "contact" to get him/her more involved financially or time wise (for recruitment). Such activity is done by an "organizer" on behalf of LaRouche's "Organization". A member is warned not to be "dis-organized" by the "enemy" (see Operation)... This is part of the daily "self-brainwashing" (or mental conditioning): an organizer spends hours per day to organize hostile people, repeating LaRouche line 50 times a day. The "brainwasher" is being brainwashed by his own activity. That s the basics of Larouche's cultist method.

Organizer :

A full-time member of the LaRouche's "Organization". They officially call themselves "volunteers".

Stipend :

LYM members are considered as "volunteers" and are therefore not officially paid. The Organization gives them a weekly stipend of only $20-50 (when/if they get it!).

Synarchists (or Synarchy) :

The "Synarchist plot" ("Complot Synarchique d'Empire" in French) was a conspiracy theory in the 40s France. It was documented to be pure fantasy by French historians and the "synarchic rumour", spread under the pronazi Vichy regime, said that the Jewish Banque Worms was pulling the strings behind the scenes and was controlling Vichy and consequently the french economy. Now Larouche goes further: he says that the Synarchists put not only Vichy into power but Hitler too!! This is no new claim. Larouche has always claimed that the "British" and the "Jews" (sometimes the Zionists) put Hitler into power (often labeled by Larouche as a "British agent"!) This is well documented in his own literature. So why is larouche "anti synarchy" campaign antisemitic? Well just read their own literature: the "synarchists" are jewish bankers like Rohatyn, Lehmann, Lazard, Worms etc Since LaRouche said that "Rohatyn is a pig", the LYM used a banner with a pig (i.e. not Koscher) to attack the "Nazi Rohatyn" (the Nazis used similar imagery against the Jews). In Germany LaRouche's wife uses the term "locusts" against these bankers. In the German press this term was considered as antisemitic given Germany's past. LaRouche's wife didn't bother.
"Synarchist" is in fact just another name to depict a demonized, invisible and secret enemy of mankind, mother of all conspiracy theories concocted by Larouche and Cie... It is also called the "oligarchy", and used to be "Black Guelfs" faction, the "Trust", or simply the "Establishment".... It always refers to some obscure pseudo-historical entity.

"Tavistock" :

For LaRouche and his followers, the London “Tavistock Institute” is an "operation" associated with "brainwashing" against the Organization members, with “anti-cult kidnapping” and assassination attempt against LaRouche. Tavistock allegedly is "brainwashing" the Americans, has created "cults" and "anti-cults" operations. It can also create "Manchurian candidates" to kill LaRouche. Jeremiah Duggan was thought to be one them.

"Tweener" :

People aged 35-50. They are morally between the "good" Youth and the "evil" Boomers.
Note: categorizing the population into three "classes" isn't new to Larouche. In the early 70s, he could categorize people as either Marxist/Hegelian, Kantian or Nietzschean. Later these categories became: Golden soul (Plato/Leibniz, Promethean), Silver Soul (Kant, Apollonean) or Bronze Soul (Nietzschean, Dionysian).

Volunteer :

This is what the cult calls itself when a member ("organizer") is interviewed or how Larouche refers to the poverty stricken membership.
To avoid pesky things like the minimum wage, labor laws and a few dollars in taxes, the cult classifies the LYM as "volunteers".
There is a legitimate reason for this as people do volunteer for public service and political campaigns and are exempt from certain laws. However, in the Larouche/Schacht economic model, members are routinely worked 16 hour days and for 6 1/2 to 7 days a week. Once you are in the Bizarro world of Larouche, every day will bring yet another end of the world briefing which requires you to "volunteer" your entire waking hours for Lyn. By holding late night briefings every night along with classes and more fundraising in the evenings, it is common for members to "volunteer" from 7 AM at a Metro stop or card table shrine till 10 PM on the phones. If it gets too late in the East coast, no problem as your "volunteers" can call early time zones till Midnight. Holidays do not exist for "volunteers" and neither does sleep or sick leave if you can still use a phone.

The "War-Room" :

In Leesburg, Virginia, where the LaRouche Youth Movement are planning their "Ops".

Youth (LYM):

People aged 18-35. They are the "generation" capable to save the world according to LaRouche. Like any totalitarian group, LaRouche knows how manipulable are the youth, and therefore useful. The LaRouche Youth Movement is inspired by Mao's fanatical Red Guards, used to isolate or destroy his political rivals. It could be considered as a "cult within the cult". The LYM was launched 1999-2000 (after LaRouche's parole). The advantages of recruiting youth are obvious: more impressionable, expandable at will, little investment (can survive with a few sandwiches a day), healthier: from a cost-effectiveness it is a "winner" from LaRouche's "schachtian" standpoint and method...


Dictionary of the secret language of Scientology

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