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"America must be cleansed for its righteous war by the immediate elimination of the Nazi Jewish Lobby and other British agents from the councils of government, industry, and labor."
From "A War-winning Strategy", Editorial, New Solidarity, March 1978
"Since 1971, especially as a result of the period of 1968 to ’71, under the conditions of the Indo-China War, the United States has lost its leading position in the world, and has been replaced increasingly by Lord Jacob Rothschild’s Inter-Alpha Group, which now controls — directly and indirectly — an estimated 70% of the world’s banking. That is the British Empire, which now dominates the world. [...] And the British empire is not an empire as one would think of conquering other countries. It is an empire of ruling the world, through the imposition of an international monetary system. And the international monetary system, since 1971, has been controlled by the British imperial interests, typified by the Inter-Alpha group of Lord Jacob Rothschild..."
From LaRouche: Urgent Project To Refine Our Forecasting Method - EIR July 23, 2010.

Cartoon from Lustige Blätter, a weekly Nazi German magazine.
The caption translates as: "England's leadership is in good hands."
The main focus of the magazine during 1940 was the English, but
there were some anti-Semitic covers like this one.
Source: German Propaganda Archive
"It is the Rothschild family that continues to preside over the inherited international operational capability that is the present British political system. It is, in consequence, the evolution of the Rothschild family and its outlook that in large measure accounts for the evolution and outlook of the British political system as a political instrument."
From The Noble Family (3.8 Mb.) By C. White (The Campaigner) January 10, 1978.

Molly Kronberg remembered that LaRouche's descent into the abysses of insanity (1) started in 1973-74, soon after... :

...his long-time partner Carol had left him in summer 1972, a circumstance which had led him to withdraw from most human contact. (He was living at that time on Morton Street in New York City’s Greenwich Village, with no telephone.)

Carol is Jewish and her new boyfriend and partner ever since is Chris White, an English man.

LaRouche's insanity and paranoia drove him to develop wild Jewish-British conspiracies against him (and the rest of the world) until his last day.

In 1977-78, LaRouche has concocted a new "enemy-image", replacing the old "Rocky" (aka "Rockefeller") enemy from the previous years with the "British" and the "Jews" or the "Anglo-Zionists".
*This was a result of his close collaboration with the extreme-right, anti-Semitic and revisionist Carto's "Liberty Lobby" .
LaRouche wanted to become a champion of "American nationalism". He developed "his" version of American history (a history which according to LaRouche was written by its "enemies", the Anglo-Zionists). For him, the "American revolution" against the British Empire was a war that never ended.
It is, according to him, still being waged by some secret, hidden enemies, working as a "fifth column" on behalf of its British masters: the Jews (aka the "Jewish/Zionist lobby" or the State of Israel.
He will go as far back in History as depicting the Jews as "Babylonian" (from the times of the Babylonian captivity of the Jewish people), as "Babylonian agents" and the Queen of England ("boss" of the "British", Black Guelfs oligarchy etc) as... the "Whore of Babylon"!
So larouchian History (that is History rewritten by fairy-tale teller LaRouche) is here to "explain" that the "Jewish lobby" are nothing but "enemy agents" working on behalf of the... British, to destroy America from within.
Worse, this "enemy" (anglo-zionist) is the same which... put Hitler to power in order to destroy (classical, humanist) Germany and... create zionism and the State of Israel. + the "holocaust hoax" to undermine postwar Germany...
This is why, in LaRouche's mind; Zionism=Nazism, because it was created by the same people: the British and their Jewish financiers! Consequently, Israel is a puppet of... Britain (not the US!) to destabilize the Arab nations the same way Nazism destroyed good classical (and humanist) Germany!
LaRouche doesn't consider himself as pro-Nazi since he is anti-British and Hitler, according to him, was a British agent... therefore he is against Hitler, logical syllogism isn't?
In fact LaRouche has always clearly differentiate between the "good German nationalists" (like the Wehrmacht's) and the Nazis who were, he says, imposed onto these good Germans. Imposed by whom? By the British and Jewish financiers... aka the very same enemies of Hitler's!!!! So, no need for a German "collective guilt". The German people didn't really mean to kill millions of people; it's all the fault of these bloody British and Jews. Even the Jewish Holocaust was a hoax!, says LaRouche. Instead: "take on these Brits and Jews..." who make you feel guilty!
One wonders whether the only reason why LaRouche is against Hitler, is that... he lost the war!


1. PAWNS OF HIS GRANDIOSITY:Psychological and Social Control in the Lyndon LaRouche Cult By Molly Hammett Kronberg, June 26, 2009, at

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