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"They" wanted to kill him

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To give a sense of the degree of LaRouche's paranoia (and self-importance), let's have a look at a recent alleged "Death Threat" against LaRouche.
After the publication by Take a Break British magazine in Aug. 5 1999 of an article under the banner headline, "Shut This Man's Mouth," with a large photo of LaRouche appearing next to these words, LaRouche estimated this was a call to assassinate him!

"Debra Hanania-Freeman, national spokeswoman for LaRouche [...] said: "After consulting with security experts familiar with the modus operandi of British intelligence networks, we are treating the piece as a cover for an MI6 order, probably with direct backing from someone in the royal household, to assassinate Lyndon LaRouche.... The inflammatory article ... reflects a growing hysteria around Buckingham Palace, over the growing global influence of LaRouche's ideas and his continuing exposé of the British oligarchy.... The appearance of such a highly politicized piece, that is so violent in tone, taken together with John Dale's background, signals that this crowd is out for blood." (1)

LaRouche commented:

"And at present, I'm the only person who is qualified to be that President--the successor to Bill Clinton. [...]That's not good. I'm too vulnerable. And maybe the Queen has some people in England who would threaten to get rid of me, shut my mouth, kill me. That's not good."
"We've seen what happened to the United States when Lincoln was assassinated, again by a British assassin. We saw what happened in the United States when Garfield was assassinated, again by the same kind of operation. We see what happened to the United States when McKinley was assassinated, this time, again, openly by a British-directed assassination."
" [...] The enemy always recognizes: ``knock those off, kill them, eliminate them, jail them, discredit them, defame them.'' The enemy recognizes that's a very effective method, and then it might be able to come in and do as it wants to do."

Sept. 24, 1979. The LaRouches surrounded by their "campaign aides" (security)
while visiting New Hampshire's Scabrook nuclear power plant then under construction.

1. British Magazine Publishes Death Threat vs. LaRouche August 13, 1999 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

"LaRouche alleges a giant CIA psycho-sexual brainwashing plot" By LYN MARCUS (Lyndon LaRouche), New Solidarity special supplement, Jan. 1974 at (D King)

The so-called "Get LaRouche" taskforce

"British Intelligence Deploys New 'Left'-profiled Assassination Capability" Report by LaRouche circa 1979 at (D King)

"Some Are Out to Kill Me, LaRouche Says" By John Mintz Washington Post Staff Writer, January 13, 1985 at

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