Cult: The "anti-brainwashing" brainwashing

... or how to turn one's "sense of reality inside-out”…

“"Doublethink" means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one's mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them”

George Orwell

What's this?

Larouchies say: Who ever disagrees with LaRouche is... brainwashed. Therefore we, Larouchies are NOT brainwashed... and the rest of the world is!!

         LYN:  Absolutely.  That's absolutely the case.  There's no
         You know, the one thing I would add on this thing, we have
 to realize that there are some very special operations against
 this organization, from the Obama Administration directly.  The
 Obama Administration currently, has the largest dirty-tricks
 capability in the government, against us:  This man reads
 everything I write.  Generally has a report on everything that we
 write, on everything that we do.
         And in the organization, there's a certain ignorance about
 the capabilities of a government operation against us, in terms
 of brainwashing of our own members in ways they don't even know
 what would occur.  They suddenly find themselves believing in
 foolish things, and they don't know where they came from, but
 they believe that they have to believe them!  It's the greatest
 danger to us, directly, from the Obama Administration:  You've
 got to understand the kinds of brainwashing capabilities,
  electronic and otherwise, they have, for turning human minds into
         And only if you understand that, and are prepared to
 recognize it can exist, and {does} actually exist, that you're
 able to defend yourself.  If you believe everything that you've
 been induced to believe is true,  you're finished!  That's the
 intent of the Obama Administration, and that is the psychological
 capabilities, of the U.S. government operations!  And we are now,
 currently, the subject of those capabilities which are deployed
 in service of Obama!  We have to expect, attempted mass
 brainwashing, of our members, who will not even know they were
 brainwashed.  And only if you're honest about this stuff, will
 you be able to avoid it.
         And it's has actually happened!  It has actually {happened}
 to us!  And I have solid proof of it.  It's one of the biggest
 problems we have.

From MORNING BRIEFING - Sunday, July 17, 2011

1973-4: The "Beyond Psychoanalysis" (BP) sessions and the "Tavistock Grin".

For LaRouche and his followers, the “Tavistock Institute” is an "operation" associated with “brainwashing” against the Organization members, with “anti-cult kidnapping” and assassination attempt against LaRouche. (aka the threat of the so-called “Manchurian candidate” (1) )
It dates back from the 1973-74 period and much of the conspiracy theory about it was published in three consecutive issues of the LaRouche magazine, The Campaigner.
In these days, the LaRouche organization was a Trotskyite-leftist American organization mainly opposed to alleged Rockefeller’s fascist conspiracies and which has just started to expand its political operations in Europe.
LaRouche’s interest in “psychoanalysis” was marked by the publication of his Beyond Psychoanalysis (BP) lengthy study in September 1973 to present himself as an expert in this field to his associates who will be turned into adepts afterwards. The reason invoked by LaRouche was to counter a fantasy/conspiracy involving London's Tavistock clinic responsible for "world brainwashing" (see top of this "Tavistock diagram") especially targeted against LaRouche's life!

PS: LaRouche et al are dead serious about their belief in this "Tavistock" fantasy/conspiracy: they considered Jeremiah Duggan to be such a "Tavistock agent"...

Then after the theory came the practice: the so-called BP sessions.

Former member Christine Berl described this process:

''"According to Marcus (aka LaRouche), the purpose of the sessions was to create a new kind of leadership based on the capacity to withstand psychological terror; but in reality the content of the sessions themselves was pure psychological terror. What the leaders were asked to withstand was described by Marcus as the stripping away of the persona before the entire group; but in actuality what was stripped away was their very identities."

"Marcus located the origin of psychological terror, as the 8th century church had done, in the image of the witch-mother who prevented the individual from acting on the basis of self-consciousness by reducing him to an impotent and banalized ego-state. And to this bestialized image of the ego Marcus counter-posed himself; for it was never disputed during the course of the session that all true self-consciousness emanated from his own person."

"But the image of the witch-mother as a locus for psychological terror was simply a cover. In actuality, the terror which the leaders experienced during the session . was the terror of a depersonalization imposed upon them by Marcus himself: a depersonalization, moreover, which was identified by him as true self-consciousness. E.g., the phrase "Step outside of yourself" was used recurrently. And this phrase epitomizes the extreme form of alienation to which the participants were subjected."

"It is scarcely surprising that the participants of the sessions should have been prey, to all, sorts of deep-seated feelings of self-hatred and worthlessness. Or that Marcus could have been able to manipulate those feelings to the point that any allegation, and particularly one that diagnosed a neurosis, would have to be believed. Moreover, Marcus was extremely skillful at turning the group on an individual who had been selected on the basis of rumors that he had failed to perform politically during the week, so that, from a congress of leaders, the group was transformed into sniveling informers vying with each other for Marcus' approval. Even couples were encouraged to "inform" on each other's "progress," particularly by singling out any behavior that could be construed as apolitical, or that was suspected of being "resistant" to the aims of the sessions. Under these conditions, one would have expected few of the couples to last, but because Marcus had decided a priori that they should be preserved, in most cases the marriages were preserved, although the relationships were totally broken."'' (From: "A True History of Lyn Marcus [Lyndon LaRoche] and the Labor Committees" by the International Workers Party, 1975)

By the end of 1973, LaRouche claimed to have successfully “deprogrammed” three separate members of his organization who, according to LaRouche were brainwashed in order to kill him... all brainwashed by the so-called “Rockefeller-CIA”, i.e. the London-based Tavistock Institute (2) (and with the help of no less than the KGB and/or MI5…)
After a lengthy description of the conspiracy to assassinate him, LaRouche wrote about brainwashing:

“What induces the victim to submit to brainwashing is his conviction that he is in the hands of an omnipresent, omiscient power which can effectively and promptly take possession of him anywhere. Thus, the world is made into a controlled environment by the victim's terror of the CIA.” (3)

“It is technically possible for any trained operators to brainwash almost anyone of about thirty or under given appropriate circumstances. The most obvious of these circumstances is provided by a prison or mental institution, in which the selected victim is helplessly constrained within a controlled environment twenty-four hours a day, with hope of release psychologically distant in terms of the stresses which can be applied by those who control this environment.” (4)

... omnipresent, omniscient power, under thirty years old, overstressed, in a controlled environment… this description fits so well with the daily life within the LaRouche organization (5) that he feels the need to reassure that his organization is not involved in any brainwashing. He writes:

“There are more restrictions upon the possibility that a private agency or group of persons could accomplish a similar result outside of a special institutional setting.” (6)

“The nature of the actual processes of the human mind is such that brainwashing could not be effectively accomplished by private individuals or small groups within society. Only a government agency can effectively brainwash a victim.” (7)

But for those who have doubts, he warns:

''“The victim's sense of reality is turned inside-out. "He" or "she" (the pseudo-personality) becomes "I," and the pseudo-I now attributes the value attached to former beliefs and activities to present activities.

For example, in the near-dozen cases of NCLC, RYM, and NUWRO members conclusively known to have been brainwashed for either the CIA or LEAA, the victim characteristically accused the Labor Committees of "brainwashing" its members (a clinical impossibility), and reflected his or her own personality by attributing a profound personality reversal to me at approximately the point in time they themselves underwent brainwashing!” '' (8)

So any member who expressed skepticism about brainwashing would become immediately suspect of… being brainwashed… creating so the “controlled environment” required to… brainwash people, according to LaRouche himself! It’s a mental “catch-22” situation… Indeed the victim's sense of reality is turned inside-out...
This was the beginning of the paranoia so typical of the LaRouche organization; the ultimate enemy is not the fascist Rockefellers or the CIA, the real enemy is within, within the organization, within ourselves… anybody could be brainwashed without even knowing it... and become a traitor, a defector or an assassin. And the masters in “brainwashing” are London’s Tavistock...
This atmosphere of paranoia and hysteria is comparable to that depicted in Arthur Miller‘s “The crucible” playwright whose central theme is the trial conducted by American puritans against those suspected of being possessed by the devil and doing witchcraft...

All of this anti-Tavistock campaign was supposed to prevent an Orwellian “1984” fascist nightmare:

“Tavistock CIA technology in "social control" and "brainwashing" permit the plotters to impose a 1984 version of fascism from above.” (9)

As a matter of fact... the “turned inside-out” LaRouche organization, which was claiming to fight the brainwashers by… brainwashing its own members, has become, by the same token, the very same Nineteen Eighty-Four Orwell’s fascist nightmare it was supposed to combat!

So, when in 1976 LaRouche wrote:

"Labor Committee and allied Communist forces within the capitalist sector generally are working overnight, constantly, to bring into being a new Marxist International throughout the capitalist sector." (10)

...the next year he wrote, in a very “Orwellian 1984 way”:

"I never had the conception of founding a "true Marxist" association. […] We have never been Marxists, except as regarding Marx as the highest preceding advancement of essential human knowledge. [...] More profoundly, as we change we do not change." (11)

echoing in real life, Orwell's novel:

“Thus, the Party rejects and vilifies every principle for which the Socialist movement originally stood, and it chooses to do this in the name of Socialism.”


“But by far the more important reason for the readjustment of the past is the need to safeguard the infallibility of the Party. It is not merely that speeches, statistics and records of every kind must be constantly brought up to date in order to show that the predictions of the Party were in all cases right. It is also that no change in doctrine or in political alignment can ever be admitted.”

At that point the LaRouche organization has become the Orwellian 1984 “fascist nightmare” the members were supposed to expose and combat.

Newspeak, perpetual state of war, rewriting of the past and of course “Big Brother” aka LaRouche is watching you… Indeed as LaRouche said “the victim's sense of reality is turned inside-out”… which explains why “Marxist” activists who dedicated their lives to create a new communist international will be turned, nearly overnight, into far-right pro-capitalists (aka “higher Marxism”) Read here! And soon its Jewish members will be turned into anti-Semites in the name of some “higher” Judaism (12) ...just like in “1984”’s Newspeak: peace meant war, freedom meant slavery etc Reality is turned inside-out...

This is also the beginning of a radical redefinition of the “enemy” (13) ... It is not about the Rockefeller’s fascists anymore but the British and the Jews being at the center of all possible and wild conspiracies... from drug trafficking to... putting Hitler into power, to Zionism , communism, environmentalism, rock-drug-sex counterculture, international terrorism... name it! And of course, the Tavistock Institute has a special role into this global conspiracy: they have, according to LaRouche, the expertise to brainwash single individuals or entire populations via the counter culture, the cults, or... the medias!
So a LaRouchian is led to believe that it is not he but the rest of the world that is brainwashed... by the Tavistock Institute!

To illustrate this point you can read this larouchian article "BRAINWASHING: How The British Use The Media for Mass Psychological Warfare" by L. Wolfe, in The American Almanac, May 5, 1997" and more on that subject.

Another article (1991) summarizes how LaRouche still perceives this "cult/ anticult-brainwashing" Tavistock conspiracy: behind the "Cult Network" and "Anti-Cult Network" it is all a conspiracy by the British and the Jews (eg Hannah Arendt)
And LaRouche's BP expertise is obviously the only remedy...


The same year of this article in 1991 over fifty Scientologists from across the United States filed civil suits against the Cult Awareness Network! The Cult Awareness Network, which ran on a budget of US$300,000 per year, was unable to cope with this amount of litigation. The Cult Awareness Network was driven into bankruptcy by litigation costs in 1996, and the Church of Scientology purchased its assets to create a "New Cult Awareness Network" (NCAN, often referred to as simply the "Cult Awareness Network" or also known as the "Foundation for Religious Freedom"}. Margaret Thaler Singer expressed the opinion that any experts the public would be referred to by the "New CAN" would be cult apologists.

This LaRouche diagram shows their view of an alledged conspiracy involving BOTH (Jewish, satanist) cults AND genuine anti-cult organizations such as "old C.A.N."


1. The Manchurian Candidate is a 1959 thriller novel written by Richard Condon, later adapted into films in 1962 and 2004. The central concept of the book and the subsequent 1962 film is that the son of a prominent political family has been brainwashed into becoming an unwilling assassin for the Communist Party (source: wikipedia)
2. LaRouche wrote: “The Rockefeller-dominated CIA establishment we have outlined here is a creation of the Tavistock Institute…” (Campaigner 74-04 p33)
3. The Campaigner, feb-mar 1974, p9
4. The Campaigner, April 1974, p24
5. As Dennis King wrote in his “Lyndon LaRouche and the new American fascism”.... these brainwashing techniques “bore an uncanny resemblance to what LaRouche himself was doing to the NCLC membership (aka the LaRouche organization, note)”
6. The Campaigner, April 1974, p24
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11. "The ABC of the "The ABC of Socialism"", by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., Internal Document of the ICLC, July 1, 1977.
12. The infamous Campaigner “Judaism is not Zionism” was entirely written by Jewish members of the LaRouche organization.
13. LaRouche has written numerous articles about “What is Fascism”. By redefining it, his followers will keep fighting what they believe to be “fascism”. A typical example is the “environmentalist movements”, the ecologists which LaRouche called as “eco-fascists”.

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