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Scam Artists: "CIA", KKK, Moon and other crooks...

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"The scam artists really know Lyn's addiction. Like a good supplier, they know how to get Lyn to fork over millions and millions to have delusions fed to him.
This makes the role of Jeff [Steinberg, note] and Paul [Goldstein, note] more quizzical it seems. Since these are all people introduced by Jeff and Paul, one wonders how much they knew about these scams and if any cash went their way.
Yutes, please ask Jeff about Mr. Ed, Carpet, Danny Murdoch and ask about what happened to nearly 13 million dollars. If you can't find Jeff, ask Rick M [McGraw, note] since according to the trial transcripts, he carried the cash. "
From xlcr4life; November 13, 2007 at


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