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From ex-recruit "Erin" at

I never really knew what kind of trouble I was in until I was out of the cult for awhile and got some distance from it. They told me not to read anything about LaRouche that wasn't published by the org. They told me not to read anything that wasn't put out by the org, as it was "bullsh-t". I tried to ignore this. It seemed so simplistic and I always hated people telling me what to do like I couldn't make these decisions for myself. Logic was outnumbered. I didn't know that many people locally. The closest people to me were long distance.


This was around the time I was kicked out. I really had to talk about it. I don't think my family fully understood how confused I was. I said. "People say he's anti-Semitic." We looked it up on google. A whole bunch of quotes came up by LaRouche that were clearly anti-Semitic. I'd done it before by myself, but the cult says that's no good because everyone is lying. It still took me awhile after that to realize that everyone else isn't lying; the cult is.

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