Cult: From a far-left sect to a far-right cult

LaRouche was a self-avowed "cult leader":

"Although I have profoundly respected Goethe's extraordinary skill in poetic composition, one poem of Goethe's which touched me with more than a special sense of admiring amusement was his Prometheus. Making men in my own image was the conscious articulation of my central purpose from approximately 1946.
First, one must become adequately qualified to accomplish that purpose. That task, especially as I saw the methodological hopelessness of existing institutions known to me, prescribed assimilating and developing a body of knowledge adequate to the undertaking to come. In the immediate postwar period, I set myself the goal of acquiring the necessary degree of adequacy between my thirty-third and thirty-fifth birthdays.
The result of that approach was the National Caucus of Labor Committees."
From "The Power of Reason", autobiography by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., 1979, pp. 76-77


"A Federal jury decided last November (1984, LP note) that NBC had not libeled Mr. LaRouche in two broadcasts in which he was described as the head of a political cult that harasses its critics." (Source: LaRouche-NBC Case NY Times - February 24, 1985)
"Allow me first of all to remind you how severely the classics of Marxism-Leninism denounced every manifestation of the cult of the individual. In a letter to the German political worker Wilhelm Bloss, [Karl] Marx stated: From my antipathy to any cult of the individual, I never made public during the existence of the [1st] International the numerous addresses from various countries which recognized my merits and which annoyed me. I did not even reply to them, except sometimes to rebuke their authors. [Fredrich] Engels and I first joined the secret society of Communists on the condition that everything making for superstitious worship of authority would be deleted from its statute. [Ferdinand] Lassalle subsequently did quite the opposite.
Sometime later Engels wrote: Both Marx and I have always been against any public manifestation with regard to individuals, with the exception of cases when it had an important purpose. We most strongly opposed such manifestations which during our lifetime concerned us personally. "
"One of the most characteristic examples of Stalin's self-glorification and of his lack of even elementary modesty is the edition of his 'Short Biography', which was published in 1948.
This book is an expression of the most dissolute flattery, an example of making a man into a godhead, of transforming him into an infallible sage, "the greatest leader", "sublime strategist of all times and nations". Finally no other words could be found with which to lift Stalin up to the heavens.
We need not give here examples of the loathsome adulation filling this book.""
From "On the Cult of Personality and Its Consequences''", a report by Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev made to the Twentieth Party Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union on 25 February 1956. Khrushchev's speech was sharply critical of the reign of General Secretary and Premier Joseph Stalin.

Is the LaRouche organisation left or right?

Extreme left or extreme right? Fascist or Communist?... or "Humanist" as LaRouche claims?
When they were Trotskyites, the Trotskyites didn’t accept them as Trotskyites, same with communists, same with extreme right wing, conservatives (US), democrats (US) or neo-Nazis etc...

In fact it is "Neither Right nor Left" to refer to Israeli historian Zeev Sternhell, who documented and demonstrated that "fascism" has always tried to reject the debate between "left" and "right" (*). Politically, it shares many (not all) features with the so-called "Third Position" of our contemporary political spectrum.

It does not fit within our terms of reference of a parliamentarian democratic society, because it is not a political organization, it is a political cult.

LaRouche has attempted to create an idiosyncratic fusion between "nationalism" and "socialism".

It is NOT a political democratic organization that respects individual freedom. It is a cult that uses politics to its own ends, it is a political cult which uses cult method of mind-control.

It is therefore totalitarian by definition (LaRouche would say “authoritarian”). A "cult of personality" reminiscent of the cults of personality which Stalin, Mao, Mussolini or Hitler once enjoyed.
The nearest representation of LaRouche's world is the world described in George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four novel.

Similarly to the world of Nineteen Eighty-Four, in the LaRouche cult, politics is not just “war-like”, IT IS WAR; a never ending war between "Oceania" and "Eurasia", or between "Eastasia" and "Oceania" etc., a war against the enemies of Mankind and Civilization, i.e. the enemies of LaRouche. These enemies are “exposed” by LaRouche and his obsessive and wild “conspiracy-theories”. The world is about to be plunged at any time into the abysses of a New Dark Ages, a World War III, etc. Their clock always shows "One minute to midnight" for the last thirty-five years and LaRouche (a self-professed economist) has “predicted” a world financial crash nearly every year… for the last thirty-five years! The larouchies believe that "saving the world" is the "end-goal" of the "LaRouche organization".

It is not.

It is only a mean to manipulate people (keep them busy) and create a worshipping cult of LaRouche. In fact, the worse that could happen to them is to be elected!
Since it is a cult; a "larouchie" is not somebody to argue with, neither is LaRouche somebody to be "understood". His writings are often confusing, contradictory, obscure if not outright lies. A larouchie would say: "You don't understand him because he is a genius!"
In fact, LaRouche is somebody to be BELIEVED, not to be understood. Belief is at the center of everything once you are part of his "political movement". It is like embracing a new religion: the "larouchism". In this new religion, other religions's practices are not welcome; Jews, Catholics, etc. are not supposed to follow their religion!

Of course much of their political platform is attractive; they are antiwar, pro-third World, against drugs, in defence of science and investment in infrastructure and high technologies, in defence of humanism (for a new “Italian Renaissance”) or for classical music (Beethoven, Mozart)... But that’s how they catch people’s interest: you don't catch a fish with a bare hook.
The real face of LaRouche is somewhat different and more sinister. LaRouche's personality and behavior are comparable to a "psychopath"'s.

“In 1995, the German government decreed that the LaRouche political organization was a political cult, and critics have said membership involves the emotional and psychological manipulation of vulnerable young recruits, who are expected to devote their lives to LaRouche and his warnings of economic apocalypse.” (Terry Kirby, The Independent, Internet, 3/27/04)

(*) See "Neither Right nor Left: Fascist Ideology in France" by Zeev Sternhell
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Note on Mussolini's voyage from far-left to far-right:

Many Italian socialists had supported the government‘s stand in keeping Italy out of the war in 1914. The nationalists, however, were horrified. To start with, Mussolini was against the war:

"Down with the war. Down with arms and up with humanity." (July 1914)

However, by October 1914, he had changed his mind and referred to the war as "a great drama".

"Do you want to be spectators in this great drama? Or do you want to be its fighters?"

Mussolini was kicked out of the Socialist Party in Italy but many young socialists agreed with Mussolini and left the party and followed him. Therefore, they greeted the news of April 26th 1915, the entry of Italy into the war.

More analogies with Mussolini's at LaRouche was always right (really?).

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