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Mind Control Techniques

"The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven."

— John Milton (Paradise Lost)


Some techniques of recruitment and conditioning used by LaRouche or his followers are similar (whether intentionally or not) to techniques used by hypnotists.

This is a trademark of LaRouche: his apparent non-sense (called "polemic" in the larouchian lingua) is no accident. It will cause a confused state in the listener ("mark"). This last is usually taken aback and surprised by the nonsequitur, and will respond to this "pattern interrupt" by trying to figure out what the larouchian meant. The longer a person tries to grasp some sense in the nonsequitur, the more uncertain he or she will become.
"The nonsequiturs will have the maximal hypnotic effect when delivered meaningfully by a speaker assumed, and expected to speak rationally, and relevantly in a context where trust has been initiated". (1)
  • Overload Technique
With the use of Non-Sequiturs, the hypnotist provokes a state of confusion, interrupting temporarily a dominant set pattern (behavior, thinking). The role of the "Overload Technique" is "to dissolve attachments to fixed ways of thinking, feeling, acting or being, in order to open the way for the new way of thinking, feeling, acting, being. " (3) To overload the mind is to "overwhelm" a person with information "to a point which makes it difficult for the subject to continue or process information at a normal rate." (1) This is typical of a LaRouche's "briefing": your mind is flooded with names and "facts" at a very dense pace jumping from one subject to another (history, economy, science, economy, philosophy etc): the listener has no time to challenge and check these "facts" and slowly will give in into LaRouche's rhetoric and ideology.
  • Emergency Situations
"Sudden occurrence of an unexpected and impactful event will interrupt conscious processing and make the person highly responsive to suggestions that reduce the ensuing state of uncertainty. "(3) This is again a typical method of LaRouche's: the use of fear: every "deployment" is done in a state of emergency...


Sleep deprivation mind control technique is (unofficially) being used on the LYM members (3).

Jean-Louis Valatx, M.D., research director at the National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM) in Lyons, France, wrote that "thought disorganization" is one of the sleep deprivation's effects:

A certain amount of thought disorganization can occur, manifested by diminishing ideation, difficulties in finding the correct word and retaining logical reasoning, and memory loss. In addition, sleep-deprived people have difficulties in initiating new projects (“amnesia of the future”), essentially preoccupying themselves with the daily routine. Perception of time is altered: sometimes the subject believes time passes quickly, sometimes that it is passing slowly.
Lack of sleep augments suggestibility; that is, if actions are suggested, the person will follow through, even though he wouldn’t have if he hadn’t been sleep-deprived. The potential for this increases with the use of alcohol and psychotropic drugs, and is accompanied by several hours of amnesia. For this reason, people can commit or be victims of criminal activities without being able to recall them. (4)


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