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Danny Murdoch (code name: "The Major" )

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If you can, email or walk into the legal office of Barbara [Boyd] and George [Canning] and ask for the transcripts of the Virginia trials. You know, those transcripts which never seemed to make it to the LC and in the books published about the cult's innocence. In THOSE transcripts are pages and pages of testimony by then Government witness Rick McGraw [a member of LaRouche's security staff--DK]. A person was meeting with Lyn, Jeff and Paul all of the time who was called "The Major." The Major named Murdock or something like that played Lyn like a C=256 tuned instrument. The Major was presented as a CIA agent/liaison to Lyn who would consult with Lyn about National Security issues and would relay Lyn's important multi hundred page drafts to the "Privy Council" which Lyn [supposedly] was now part of. Along the way, the Major would warn Lyn of many assassination plots which he could avert, but that would cost money of course. There was no way the CIA could officially protect Lyn with taxpayer funds, and since Lyn was so crucial to U.S. national security, he would have to figure out how to pay for it himself.

The project was called "SOVA," or Southern Virginia, and involved McGraw collecting cash to give to the Major. We also got involved in a land purchase where I was told he ended up with a Farm we paid for. The farm was a joint LC security staff/Major project which used the cover of a farm. I was told that the Major came back to ask for more money to stock the farm with animals so as to make it a real good CIA/LC cover and not raise eyebrows.


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