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Rough Death Toll

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Posted on Sunday, April 30, 2006 - 2:07 pm:

Many of these stories involved medical needs like dental or medical problems which a few hundred would cure. The tragedy is that many members neglected to see doctors and take care of their health which caught up to many later on in life. If you were around during the 1980 New Hampshire campaign you can think about the many members who were sick with pneumonia and were still sent out in the cold of the Mid West. People were so starved that a cheap steak dinner in a Chicago diner was seen as a reward for taking a few years of your life.

The org was in a big wine kick, German of course. Cheap German wines for the members while I did the hootch runs for cases of $50 bottles of Rheingau for Lyn and Helga. A few drops for the minstrel show members.

Depression and drinking are interlinked in studies of the problem and Leesburg is no different. If you just saw 30 years of your life vanish while slaving for Lyn and then read about how you did not work hard enough to put his carcas in the White House as Master of the Universe, you would hit the bottle too. The present day yutes are being charged up to replace the old and now abandoned elderly LCers.

Here is a rough death roll call.

Allen Salsbury died in the early 90's due to prostate cancer.

Graham Lowry died a few years ago due to liver failure. Figure it out.

Mike Gelber died in the early 90's driving a Larouche mobile on frozen roads in upstate NY. I think he fell asleep at the wheel.

One of Nancy Spannaus's sons died in an auto accident in Leesburg a few years ago.

A long time supporter worker/LCer named Charles Grande died of a beating death in his Rochester home in the 1990's.

Maryanne Wertz died of complications from numerous health issues a few years ago. Hubby Will found a Lalc wife I heard.

Steven Pepper died several years ago in a train crash in Italy. His former wife Marcia Merry was a few husbands past him.

If you did translations, then you must remember Denise Henderson. She did Russian translations and was married to Fred. Denise was about 6 feet while Fred barely hit 5 feet in winter boots. She died after getting hit by a hit and run in DC while working at a legal job to support herself. Fred was not married to her at the time. He hooked up with a teacher from a conference.

Primack had a heart attack. He had to fend for himself after getting out of prison.

Dana Arnest, formally Dana Sloan, passed away in April of 2004 to cancer I think. Real tragedy as she left 3 kids behind.

Parsons supposedly committed suicide. I think he was already broken up with Cynthia and was dating a local Leesburg girl. The story was that he was just drifting in simple jobs trying to fend for himself after devoting 3 decades to Larouche.

There are more, but I can't think of them right now. There are also members who left years ago who passed away.

Lyn lived a life of luxury, great health care and a jet setters life at their dime though. It will be tragic to see him outlive everyone who was with him from day one who paid his fare in life.

The yutes get to pick up the tab for the final stretch. The yutes should also think about how they are not told about the many members who gave everything and were discarded like trash at the curb later in life.

Leave school, devote your life and youth to bizarro world , and then die broke, childless alone, burnt out or some combination of this.

One of the founding members in the early days was Leif and Susan Johnson. Real nice people who asked too many questions and were sent far away from the center.

Susan unfortunately, passed away in the early 1990s I believe. Leif did end up leaving the org. They were among the kinder people you run in the org who you feel were cheated out of a lot that life has to offer.

Gelber was rewarded for his decades of service with a plug in the Fidelio magazine for a fund in his name. The issue may have come out a while after he died that snowy night.

Vol III, No. 4 Winter 1994 (1995) (cover date says Winter 1995)

Gelber , the yutes should know did everything to protect Lyn so he could save humanity. When investigations began in Boston by a Grand Jury, we sent many members from North East locals to Europe. We whom were left had to act as if nothing happened and deny that we knew anything about the sudden vanishment of a dozen or so people.

This showed up in Michelle Steinberg's infamous notebooks during the investigations.

I would guess that Gelber had about 20 years of his life in the org when he too left college. In a split second, poof, it all vanished and all that is left is a paragraph asking for money in Fidelio. You will not find many people who remember that night. The basic story is that he was driving for a long time to meet contacts in a bad snow storm. Those of you who were in the org know about how we often sent members out in Larouche mobiles which were one bald tire away from the junkyard. People who knew about this were stunned as he may have fallen asleep at the wheel.

The old motto was "Die for Rockefeller or take power with Larouche". I guess this may have reversed itself as members die for Larouche and support Sen. Rockefeller of W.Va.

Ah, a farce and a tragedy for the newbies. Ask why certain people left Europe after the Jeremiah Duggan death.

Jeremiah was supposed to be a new recruit and the whole org loved him as he drove with members from France to Germany for a conf. Yep, he was a potential recruit and money source. After his death, notice how the org created an elaborate conspiracy about his family and how the oligarchs used him to prevent Larouche from getting into the White House.

This poor kid has to have his life made into a conspiracy against Lyn by the British and Dick Cheney.

If you are in the org and can read that crap with a straight face, then you really deserve to be in the Bizarro world of Lyn.

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Mike GelberPosted on Sunday, October 10, 2004 - 9:35 am: "Evidently, Mike was driving alone in the middle of the night when he dozed off at the wheel. If he was in a typical Org car, than we know the heat did not work, the tires were bald and he was probably sleep deprived from working 24/7 for LHL.
Mike was head of our Boston region for a while. During the Grand Jury investigations we sent him across the Atlantic to our European offices to eavoid the Grand Jury which was under way. Mike's wife stayed in the US during this ordeal.
When he returned, life went back to the typical Bizarro world of assasination plots, the Queen and what ever else caught a late night boozing LHL fancy.
After Michael's death, Helga announced a fund for Mike via the Schiller institute, which I could not figure out if it was for Michael's parents, wife or Helga. you can find it on the Schiller web site.
Now Michael Gelber is long forgotten and not even a footnote in the Bizarro world... (Source: )

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