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Technological Progress: the "megaprojects"

LaRouche's "Fascism with a Humanist face"

In LaRouche's mind, there is a MYSTIQUE : "Economic & Technological Progress" is GOOD in and for itself, no matter. It becomes an END in itself, not a Mean to an End. LaRouche's grandiose "projects" to save the world economy could remind us such colossal projects developed under the Nazi (and Fascist) regimes. There are NO contradictions here. LaRouche calls this "physical economy" (as opposed to "fictitious" or "financial" economy).

The Hirschberg Saale Bridge site was featured in Nazi propaganda posters advertising the German Autobahn highway system. Influenced by Roosevelt's New Deal, Schacht encouraged Hitler to create a program of public works, among them the German Autobahn.LaRouche's scientific magazine "21st Century".Helga Zepp-LaRouche and Dr. Hal Cooper at the Schiller Institute Landbridge Conference, September 2007
1933 - Nazi Dr. Fritz Todt, the "Inspector General for German Roadways" pointing to Berlin: Zum Bau der Reichsautobahnen (Youtube). After his accidental death, he was succeeded as Reichsminister by Albert Speer.LaRouche's Schiller Institute "European" (German) Productive Triangle



Dennis King on LaRouche's "citybuilding" projects:

Assuming a victory short of mutual annihilation, what should happen next? LaRouche says that the "pacification process of military occupation" must begin with wiping out the "oligarchist component" in the Soviet Union. It also must include the "creation and defense" of new cities on the occupied territory as the "chief mediators of scientific and technological progress into urban and rural life." This "citybuilding" policy should be the chief objective of the occupying force, LaRouche says.
This is nothing new. SS chief Heinrich Himmler also had a citybuilding plan for a string of Aryan cities to be built under SS sponsorship from the Ukraine to the Caucasus as strategic foci for the ruthless pacification of that vast region. Himmler glorified the medieval German king Heinrich I, who earned the title of "citybuilder" by constructing fortresses on the eastern frontier to hold back the Magyars. Himmler even regarded himself as Heinrich I's reincarnation and built a shrine to him. A photo accompanying a LaRouche article on pacification suggests that his dream is similar to Himmler's. According to the caption, it shows U.S. Army soldiers working in a vast cavern "underneath the Greenland polar ice cap." This supposedly demonstrates that GIs have "the potential to serve as an army of citybuilders." Any former SS veteran in West Germany would get the point, for the main U.S. base in Greenland is at Thule, which happens to be the name the Nazis gave to the alleged Arctic homeland of the Aryans. The name also suggests the Thule Society, the Munich occult lodge believed by many neo-Nazis to have recruited Hitler for his historic mission. And in the popular mythology that has grown up around Nazism, a team of Nazi scientists is supposed to have escaped in submarines at the end of the war to a secret UFO base under the polar ice to prepare for the eventual rise of a Fourth Reich.


Nazi (and other totalitarian states such as Mussolini's or Stalin's) were NEVER "anti-technology" or "anti-Industry"!

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LaRouche was also inspired by Stalin's megalomaniac projects

LaRouche's present "big projects":

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