Cult: No Family And Friends

<< Where, how and with whom the member lives and associates with

The LYM are defined as an age-group that belongs to the 18-35 years old. The generation "above" them; that of their parents (age group 45+) are called the "baby-Boomers" and are villified. "Tweeners" are an intermediary age group.

From ex-recruit "Nicholas" at

From the very beginning, they warn you you will loose all your friends! as you learn quite quickly the rhetoric never to be wrong and you are convinced that the noblest thing in the world is to be a member of the Lyndon LaRouche movement.
Therefore the discussions with the people who do not totally agree with you blow up quite easily.

As in any cult, the new recruits are advised to stay away from their "immoral" friends and family.

Moreover, not only you are advised not to be in contact with your family and friends but you are not supposed to have a family of your own. Couples are tolerated but you are not supposed to have children.
The LaRouche organization goes as far as having a "behind-the-doors" policy of systematic child abortions!

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