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Farzad Darui (code name: "Carpet")

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""Carpet" is the LaRouchians' code name for Farzad Darui, an Iranian-American businessman and close crony of former LaRouche security aide Paul Goldstein. Darui, like Frankhouser, presented himself as an operative with deep connections to the intelligence community, working at one point with a Baltimore florist who used the code named "L'Arabi." The claim that Darui received $5,000 a month in cash from the LaRouchians has been confirmed by several ex-members in a position to know. The payments were ongoing (with the amounts varying) beginning in the early 1980s. Darui, who among his other hats was the business manager for some years at the Islamic Center of Washington D.C. (a mosque where Sunni diplomats worship), was indicted in June 2007 in D.C. federal court for allegedly embezzling $430,000 from the mosque. It is not known if the IRS is investigating the cash payments (possibly in excess of one million dollars) that Darui received from LaRouche over the years." From

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