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Financial dependence

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From ex-recruit "Nicholas" at

The young members of Rennes (French town, note) were exhausted by the constant rhythm of life. They worked continually from 8.30 till 10 p.m. everyday without any real rest. They often fell ill. As they only sold a few newspapers per day they lived miserably. In February or March 2003 a Parisian member had to send them 100 Euros so that they could buy food. The rent of the apartment where they lived first three of them, then five of them, was paid out of the social benefit payments of a member from Rennes.

The members from Rennes lived in a real material precariousness but also a moral one.

Michael Winstead (2003) describes "ego-stripping sessions" where the targeted person was prevented from leaving the room. May shed light on the case of Jeremiah Duggan, who attended high pressure LaRouchian indoctrination sessions in Germany prior to his death.
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Brainwashing and Lyndon LaRouche

by Michael Winstead
Monday, March 03, 2003

They (LYM members, note) will receive around $80.00 per week, and be housed somewhere by the organization. The organization makes sure organizers have little or no free time, to make sure there is not a pause to examine their enslaved condition. If they ever do, as one defector from California stated, "By the time I realized what had happened, I had dropped out of school, had no money, the organization owned my lease, and I had told all my family and friends they were fascists." I've now done a great deal of study into the physiology of brainwashing and the Communist's tactics, and each report I read confirms my suspicions, and so many confusing incidents over the summer have been replayed in books that are almost fifty years old!

From ex-recruit "Giselle" at

So how do members of the group survive financially?

It varies from one to another.

For the younger members there is hardly any option other than receiving their small allowance to eat at lunchtime and in the evening. Some members do not even have social security coverage. The savings or income of their parents is rapidly reduced in the unfortunate event that the parents decide to help their child financially whilst in the group. In fact you are encouraged to ask your parents for money so that the organization will not have to pay you all that much. Even told to take out a loan and even get into debt because it did not matter you were doing work to save the world. At first the fresh recruit is always assured that he will not lack anything, and that a small allowance will be given to him each month (an approximate and irregular amount of 200 Euros. Many parents are in fact trapped into a situation where they give money to their children because they don’t want see their children so deprived of basic needs.

I believe there is fraud, since on one hand the organisation is making considerable profits in the USA (one only needs to look into their campaign accounts), and on the other hand, they deliberately give less money to the recruits in order to make them more dependent and vulnerable. It is because if they have less money they are less likely to take a train to go home for instance or to survive on their own. In other words, the poverty of the members is paramount to their subservient and dependant attitude to the group. The little money that we had served to pay the rent and even with this there were problems.

I was exploited, stripped financially, and in the end completely dependant on the movement. I saw the same thing happen to others.

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