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Forrest Lee Fick (code name: "Frick")

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Former Klan member Forrest Lee Fick

"Frick" is a reference to Forrest Lee Fick, a former military policeman who served as a bodyguard for LaRouche in the early to middle 1980s. [...] Together with Frankhouser they persuaded LaRouche that they were in touch with a mysterious CIA official named "Mister Ed" who supposedly was using them as a cutout to transmit CIA suggestions and advice to LaRouche. Among other things, Fick and Frankhouser cadged (under the guise of performing security and investigative services) an all-expenses-paid trip to Europe on the Queen Elizabeth II. The story of their antics can be found in "Night Riders to the Rescue" (Chapter 21 of Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism). Frankhouser was found guilty of obstruction of justice by a federal grand jury in 1987 (the first conviction in the LaRouche trials). Fick cooperated with the authorities and was never indicted.


United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit United States v. LaRouche Campaign
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