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LaRouche warns against "psychological danger" of "bodily-contact" sports:

"Sports not primarily "bodily-contact" sports, such as baseball or track and field events, involve the least problem; wrestling, boxing, and football exemplify sports with the less desirable psychosexual features. The psychological danger of sports arises only as the adult mind substitutes sports, especially spectator sports of a bodily-contact variety of emphasis, for reality. The skilled worker-rushing home to bury his mind in the football, boxing, or wrestling events, preferring that fantasy life to the reality of the world, is exemplary of the general problem. The reinforcement of the notion of fixed rules associated with the Hobbesian world of bodily-contact sports is a reinforcement of the infantile moral outlook in the habituated 'sports fan.'" (1)


(1) THE WITCHCRAFT OF CHRISTIANS WHO ARE NOT CHRISTIANS, by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., in the CAMPAIGNER, VOL 11, November 1978.

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