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Harassment, smear campaigns and violence...

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1973: Operation Mop-Up

Temple University students, victims of an assault by
members of LaRouche's NCLC ("Operation Mop-Up")
Photo credit: Daily World - Source:

A series of attacks by members of Lyndon LaRouche's organization in 1973 and 1974.

Testimony from some CPUSA victims:

"Prior to the start of their "Mop Up Campaign," - against the CPUSA, the NCLC sent one of their black sociopath's to our office with a copy of Marx’s "Poverty of Philosophy." His task was to "feel us out" and present an ultimatum to us: join their group or get "mopped up." His intent was to try and create his modality for a fascist paramilitary group on us. Finding this proposition amazing but not amusing, we politely listened, examined and studied the relevant passages presented by this psychopath - Zeke Boyd to be exact, then asked if he were willing to bring some of his comrades to the office or any meeting place of his desire for further study. Upon agreement we proceeded to present a non-literary propaganda form to convince them it was best they approached the CPUSA, or someone us less desperate. Apparently LaRouche himself made a decision we "were not worth expending organizational resources on." "
From Re: [Marxism] the truth about . . . combating the poltiical police

FBI (1975): LaRouche's illegal possession of a number of guns and ammunition. UAW (United Auto Workers) informant believes "they may do something drastic such as assassinate Vice President Rockefeller"...

In September 1977 this letter from the FBI acknowledges LaRouche has publicly "denounced the use of force and violence" for political purpose.

And the FBI's investigation on LaRouche being discontinued in September 1977 is confirmed by this letter of Clarence Kelly:

In October 1977 LaRouche says: "Rockefeller may come over to our side"...

"It will shock some that we must now face the hypothetical possibility that Nelson A. Rockefeller may, to one degree or another, come over to our side."


See Enemy List and Name-calling as Dehumanizing the Other...

More info on "Operation Mop-Up" at:

E.I.R. cover (Sept. 26, 1986) showing damages of an April 6, 1986 terrorist attempt against LaRouche's French HQs (the Cheminade 's then "Parti Ouvrier Europeen" (European Labor Party), renamed "F้d้ration pour une Nouvelle Solidarit้" (Federation for a New Solidarity), later replaced by "Solidarit้ et Progr่s" (Solidarity and Progress)).

The attack was claimed by a group called "Black War", a little ultra-leftist group targetting anti-communist, extreme-right/fascist (like Le Pen's Front National), anti-Greenpeace and/or pro-Apartheid political organizations/figures. LaRouche fitted the bill.
More info on "Black War" at Centre de Recherche sur les Menaces Criminelles Contemporaines - 1988 (PDF in French) from



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