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How much sleep the person is able to have

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Elodie (French leader of the LYM, note) slept only 4-5 hours per night.

Michael Winstead (2003) describes "ego-stripping sessions" where the targeted person was prevented from leaving the room. May shed light on the case of Jeremiah Duggan, who attended high pressure LaRouchian indoctrination sessions in Germany prior to his death.
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Brainwashing and Lyndon LaRouche
by Michael Winstead
Monday, March 03, 2003
Those who then begin working with LaRouche will immediately see very little sleep, physical exhaustion (LaRouchies work seven days, 90-100 hours a week), a large number of classes (in the beginning indoctrination), strong encouragement to break ties with family and friends, mental fatigue, fellow organizers reporting to the leadership any deviations in thought, a groupthink atmosphere, vicious attacks from the leadership, group confessions, and "struggle meetings."
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