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Identity Guilt

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From ex-recruit "Nicholas" at

Their method of recruiting starts by making you disgusted in the Society in which you live. They need to destroy your old basic thoughts in order to replace them by theirs. They depict “an apocalyptic picture of the world. As far as they are concerned, we are entering a NEW DARK AGE which is due essentially to the cultural decadence of the “baby boomers” ( the parents of the young students are aimed at)
In this way, the member makes you feel guilty and responsible, pushing you to act so you do not despise yourself. You must question everything again: your education, what the media tells you… “you must change so that the world changes.” Therefore little by little they become your only thought. The only thing where you feel some hope.
That way you come to modify your change – your musical taste. “Satanic rock” must disappear from your disc collection to be replaced by Jean Sebastien Bach. Your political and religious landmarks change. Everything changes : your clothes, your physical aspect, beard and hair if they do not correspond to those of the group. You accept that because you are told that the future of the world depends on it: “You must at all costs avoid a third world war” they keep repeating over and over.
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