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"Cultural Racism" or "inferior cultures"

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"Counter-Culture" as "inferior Culture"

The Campaigner (Sept. 1971)


"We watch with humor at the bleating of the liberals and conservatives alike over the victories of the LaRouche forces in Illinois. LaRouche has positions which we agree with and ones we don't. He is a racist, unconsciously to be true. His glorification of European culture, morals and histories is instinctive. It is sound. It reflects an inner genetic memory. He mixes his forces, having blacks and Jews in his ranks. But then, so did every conquering army in history . . including the SS! We have had a closer relationship with his people than most of you. We are delighted in the havoc which his political raiders have wrought in the ranks of ZOG. Well done, Lyndon, well done! "
In the March-April 1986 issue of Miles' From the Mountain newsletter. From (D. King)


Jan. 2, 1987 EIR frontcover showing Larouchie Janice Hart standing next to Air force Major (ret.) Robert Patton (in uniform) at a Chicago parade. Janice Hart promised in her Illinois Democratic primary campaign to "roll the tanks down State Street, if necessary" to clean up the drug pushers. She wanted to make clear she meant it.
This sends an unambiguous message that, for LaRouche, his "cultural paradigm shift" will involve... the Army.
Nazi leader Hermann Gφring said once: "When I hear the word culture, I reach for my gun"...
More at Tanks Down State Street from (D. King)


As shown on this cover; LaRouche's "ideological war" means creating a "cultural paradigm shift", away from the "inferior/degenerate" (counter-)culture (ie Rock/Drugs/Sex/Ecologism etc) and towards his idea of a higher "Cultural Renaissance".

Although there are differences between LaRouche's ideology and Hitler's, some intriguing parallels could be drawn between the two.

True, LaRouche rejects the Nazis' racialist ideology of "Blood and Soil".
YET and contradictorily so, he does not accept the Nazis were "antisemitic" racially speaking. Only "culturally"! LaRouche's views on "Nazis" is that they were dedicated to destroy Germany culturally, the "only reason" why they "had" to destroy the Jews:

"Prussia's encouragement of Jewish immigrations fostered the association of the German Jew in Prussian-dominated regions of Germany as a paragon of modern German culture, to the extent that the German fascists considered it impossible to destroy German classical culture without ridding Germany of the German Jew."
From IMPERIALISM : THE FINAL STAGE OF BOLSHEVISM, by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. , February 1984.

This is why LaRouche has recently "defended" the "Yiddish Renaissance", as a by-product of the "higher German culture". There is therefore no contradiction with his documented antisemitism.
More on The "Jews For LaRouche".

In the "Case of Walter Lipman" (p 30) he wrote:

"The founding perceptions upon which this nation was established were those of the Idea of Progress. That means, in practice, that the nature and rights of nations and cultures are not "culturally relativist." We do not regard all cultures and nations as equally deserving of sovereignty or survival. That is not an imperialist policy: it does not specify a policy of U.S. acquisitions of the areas occupied by more backward nations and cultures. It is rather a statement of U.S. national self-interest in the realization of the proper rule of the Idea of Progress as a universal, natural law governing the entirety of the human species. Anyone who does not recognize such a clear statement of principles in the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution -written, predominantly, by the same set of authors approximately two decades apart in time, must be indeed an illiterate."
"Was it then correct for the American branch of European humanist culture to absorb the territories occupied by a miserable, relatively bestial culture of indigenous Americans? Absolutely. Was it correct to absorb Texas and the areas taken in the Mexican American War? Historically, yes -for the same reason."

SO, in LaRouche's mind (as in Hitler's), "Culture" and "Nation" are the same thing...

What then when LaRouche calls certain "Cultures" as "inferior" which he compares to "pestilences and epidemics"? The "enemy" being sometimes depicted as a "virus" that infects our nation, our culture...

If you read this, you might be shocked by the "tone". Here is what LaRouche means by "culture":

"We identify these two cultural types ("Soviet" and "China" cultures, note ed.) as belonging commonly to a wide range of particular forms of irrationalist cultures and religions of the same general species. In practice, we include the bestial tyrannies of such African states as Qaddafi's Libya, Idi Amin's former dictatorship in Uganda, and so forth, as regimes of the same cultural species. We include, generally, also those sorts of "nativist" cultures targeted for exploitation by the Soviet ethnology agencies of Evgenii Primakov and Geidar Aliyev, including Shi'ite and some other forms of so-called "Islamic fundamentalism."
We also include as varieties of this general species-classification, the ancient Mesopotamian culture and the Siva current in India's culture, the Egypt-Hellenistic cults of Isis, Osiris, and Horus, and so forth and so on.
As a general classification, all such cultures are usefully viewed, for purposes of strategic policy-shaping, as degenerated, or barbaric cultural types: a locust-plague of enemy forces, differing among themselves, but commonly swarming in lust, dedicated to the destruction of our civilization. These are strategically analogous to pestilences and epidemics, which threaten to destroy any civilization which lowers its cultural resistance sufficiently. Like locust-swarms, the individual member of the species may rarely be conscious of his effective intent to destroy civilization; he may destroy an entire civilization, unwitting of the nature of wrong he has accomplished against humanity generally. Yet, consciously or not, he undertakes just that in effect, as a matter of cultural instinct." (emph. added, ed.)
From "Dealing with the Russians' decisive cultural inferiority", Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., EIR, October 3, 1986.

Note: When LaRouche wrote this article, he was in working relationship with (pro-Nazi) Wehrmacht Officer Prof. von der Heydte... whom he re-published his "Modern Irregular Warfare" book that year, the same year as this EIR frontcover... Coincidence?

Yes, in LaRouche's mind; "Culture" = "Species"....

Rings a bell? Well this is the same kind of rhetoric as the Nazi's. You only need to replace the word "Culture" with the word "Race"! and the consequences for that "Nation" would be similar...
Why? Because LaRouche utilizes "Culture" the exact same way the Nazis used "Blood": as a mean to discriminate entire countries, entire populations they would consider as "inferior". This is how one has to understand LaRouche's use of such terms as "Hereditary Principle", the "cultural" equivalent of the Nazis' concept of "Blood Lineage", which LaRouche uses to similar ends: to vilify/classify entire populations/cultures as "bad" or "good", as "superior" or "inferior"... And of course, as for Hitler's "German Blood", for LaRouche the "German Classical Culture" is the "Superior" one, the Kultur Uber Alles one. Like Hitler's Nazis, LaRouche defends and promotes the idea of a "cultural elite" (or "World Historical Leaders") meant to rule the world...
The difference therefore between Hitler and LaRouche, on this matter, is between "biological racism" and "cultural racism", between "old fascism" (i.e. before its defeat in 1945) and "neo fascism" (after 1945).

"Sixty years ago, a political collapse as extensive as we are now experiencing would have been unthinkable. Equally unthinkable would have been a cultural collapse like we see in Futurist and Cubist art creations. Sixty years ago, an exhibition of so-called Dada type “experiences” would have been absolutely impossible and its promoters would have been sent to the insane asylum. And yet today, they are made presidents of art associations. This disease could not have made its appearance at that time because public opinion would not have tolerated it, nor would the State have sat idly by. It is the responsibility of government to prevent its people from being driven into the arms of intellectual insanity. Today we would see complete intellectual madness if this type of art had been accepted. On the day that this sort of art was accepted and found its place in harmony with the public senses, that would be the most momentous and horrible transformations of mankind that would ever occur. The human brain would regress from normality, which would lead to an end that could hardly be imagined.
"If we review the last twenty-five years of our cultural life from this standpoint, we would be horrified to see how far we have already declined.
"Everywhere we look, we find seeds that sooner or later grow and destroy our civilization. Here is where we see the symptoms of the decay. We see a slowly rotting world. Woe to the nations who can no longer master this disease and fail to halt its spread! Such disturbed thought processes could be seen throughout art and culture in Germany. Everything seemed to have passed its prime and to be accelerating toward the abyss. [...] What would the great dramatists of past ages have said about the need for this kind of regulation and to the deplorable conditions which made it necessary? How Schiller would have blazed! How Goethe would have turned away in disgust! How do Schiller, Goethe, or Shakespeare compare to the heroes of modern German literature?" Source: Mein Kampf (A. Hitler)

From The Campaigner, Oct. 1985


Picture on the right: Hitler, Adolf Ziegler and Goebbels at the Entartete Kunst (degenerate art) exhibit. From 1937 to 1939, the Nazis used a building on this site to store “degenerate art.” The Aktion Entartete Kunst had confiscated this art: 16,558 expressionist, abstract, and socially critical works, as well as the works of Jewish artists.

Cover from LaRouche's Schiller Institute book (1984): "To Save the Western Alliance"1940 Nazi propaganda movie poster "The Triumph of a Genius", comparing Hitler to Schiller.

Parallels are striking...
The German poet Friedrich Schiller, after whom the LaRouche's Schiller Institute takes its name, is often presented within the LaRouche organization as the antidote to German fascism, to the point Larouchies are told the Nazis had forbidden him!
True, Schiller's humanism is hardly comparable to Nazism barbarism. BUT to insinuate that loving Schiller is a sign of "anti-Nazism" is plain propaganda, and outright "a la Goebbels" lie.

(Picture, left) Weekly 1938 NSDAP (Nazi) slogan. Poster Text: RASTLOS VORWARTS / MUSST DU STREBEN, / NIE ERMUDET STILLE STEHN, / WILLST DU DIE VOLLENI DUNG SEHN; MUSST INS / BREITE DICH ENTFALTEN / SOLL SICH DIR DIE WELT / GESTALTEN; IN DIE TIEFE / MUSST DU STEIGEN, SOLL / SICH DIR DAS WESEN ZEIGEN / FRIEDRICH VON SCHILLER [You must strive relentlessly forward, never stand still, exhausted, if you wish to see your task completed; you must grow steadily in order to shape the world; you must descend into the depths if the essence of reality is to show itself in you. Friedrich von Schiller]. Source:

The facts are:

  • In his 1932 book "Schiller als Kampfgenosse Hitlers" (Schiller Fighting At Hitler’s Side), Hans Fabricius had already turned Schiller into a standard-bearer of National Socialism (re-published in 1934).
  • On 21 June 1934, thousands of Hitler Youth marched through Marbach. For his 175th birthday on November 10, the radio broadcasted numerous lectures and concerts. His plays The Robbers and Wallenstein were performed in Berlin at the renovated Grosses Schauspielhaus under its new director Reinhardt (appointed by Nazi Minister of Culture and Propaganda Joseph Goebbels).
  • In 1940, a Nazi propaganda movie (see poster on top of this page: Der Triumph eines Genies ) tried to compare Hitler to... Schiller!
  • Between 1933 and 1945, the German Reich saw 10,600 productions of Schiller’s plays! (Source: Say it loud – it's Schiller and it's proud .
  • The Nazis even had coins with Schiller's face:
  • ... and stamps!

First Day of Issue / Erstausgabetag: 5. November 1934 - Michel-Katalog-Nr: 555 (Deutsches Reich)

So, and contrary to what LaRouche's propaganda says, Schiller was celebrated in Hitler's Germany, not because of his ideas but because he was German!


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