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The clearest part of her day was divided between reading the Briefing ( 32-50 pages in English sent by internet every morning by the centres Leesburg, Virginia USA and Wiesbaden in Germany) and communicating by telephone with the USA. She did not talk to anybody except about the Briefing of what LaRouche wanted


Morning briefing sent out by LYN reproduces extracts from articles from the worldwide Press. It allows us to be informed of the declarations of the Minister of State as well as their interpretation, either directly by Lyndon LaRouche or by anonymous sources. As well as all the economic figures. This gives us the impression to understand the world better than anyone else. All the texts of Lyndon LaRouche are diffused to the members this way. It is a means of direct communication between LaRouche and the members, At the end of the Briefing are the reports of the operation where the young people report back what they are doing and where they intervene….

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