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No Internet & Video Games

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Campaign against the Internet (Myspace, facebook etc) and Video games

"If you allow an entire youth generation to be destroyed by these things, LaRouche said, there will be no future for the United States. Therefore, these three things [MySpace, Facebook, and computer games], presently dominating our culture, must each be destroyed, just as a contagious killer virus or bacteriological disease must be properly diagnosed, and cured. This disease, of course, is not a biological one, per se, but a mental and cultural disease." (2)

Lyndon LaRouche identified these computer cybernetic operations as "mental cemeteries, aimed at trapping the entire youth generation, and turning them into cyber-fodder for the new Hitler movement." (1)

The Noosphere vs. The Blogosphere: Is the Devil in Your Laptop? at

Five easy rebuttals to "Is the Devil in your Laptop?" at

Have Fun with the "LaRouche PAC-MAN" Game


1. MySpace, Facebook Turn Youth Into Cyber-Fodder for New Hitler Movement (November 16, 2007, EIR) at
2. Neurologists Belatedly Recognize Violent Videos' Perverse Effects on Adolescents December 7, 2010 at

YET... LaRouche IS on Myspace:


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