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As we have now understood, LaRouche considers Zionism = Nazism. Therefore, Israel or the Israelis are logically defined by him as equal or even worse than Nazi Germany/Hitler!

This is what he wrote after Israel's invasion of Lebanon in 1978:

"Can one punish sheep for being sheep? The Israelis have behaved with monstrous, worse-than-Nazi bestiality. But are not sheep bestial? Are not the Israelis behaving with the bestiality of terrified sheep, driven to homicidal psychosis by their won bestial fears? What can be done with such bestial Israelis, except to transform them from bestial sheep, to take them out of the kibbutz sheep-pens of psychosis, and employ the method of the Platonic dialogue to transform them into genuine men and women of reason?" (3)

... and Israel under Sharon is a Nazi-like, fascist regime:

"Israel under the current Sharon dictatorship, is a Nazi-like, fascist regime in the footsteps of Napoleon I, Napoleon III, the Carlists of Spain, Benito Mussolini, and Adolf Hitler. " (5)

In LaRouche's mind, since both Zionism and Nazism were created by the British and Jewish financiers, that is the same forces that, alledgedly, launched World War II... Israel is considered as a "British puppet-state", a "hand grenade" that could "trigger World War III"...

"Israel is essentially a British puppet-state within the Middle East [...] If used, that Israeli-puppet capability will almost certainly trigger thermonuclear war.
Israel is ruled from London as a zombie-nation. The overall brainwashed state of Israel is Zionism in general. London manipulates Zionism internally by a combination of means. [...] By playing on this Hobbesian frenzy, using the leverage of "outside" controlling support conduited through international Zionist organizations, London can ordinarily set Israel onto any policy course London desires, and can wreck any Israeli leader who tries to adopt a policy of national interest contrary to London's whims." (2)
"The United States and Britain are using Israel like a hand grenade, which you throw against your enemy. When it explodes, it destroys itself, and you intend that it should also destroy your enemy. If Israel continues this policy, Israel will destroy itself. But why should you throw the hand grenade? Because you want to start a world war." (4)

Israel has a suicidal, self-destructive policy, referred to as the "Masada" complex: :

"With no exaggeration, Israel today is a state whose sole purpose is an unblinking dedication to mass, national suicide..." (2)

... and here is the definite "proof", the connection between Nazism and Zionism: the "chicken soup"!!

"The "cult of chicken soup" in Jewish family culture exemplifies one of the important ways in which the susceptibilities for conversion to the Isis cult are maintained in those quarters. Thus, one uncovers the secret of the current alliance between Hitler's Nazis and the government of Israel.." (1)

This "secret" (the "chicken soup/Isis cult") in fact reveals what laRouche thinks of Judaism/Zionism and Jewry in general: it's all to do with Isis, Ishtar, Astarte, aka the "Whore of Babylon". This why he writes this:

"The kibbutz has converged on the model of the mother-image of Isis. It is not accidental that most adult Jews are preoccupied with the problem of "chicken soup." Most mature Jews fight consciously against the state of mind they associate with "chicken soup." The images associated are those of incestuous, infantile subjugation by an Isis-like image. Indeed, the bias in Sigmund Freud's flawed version of psychoanalysis reflects emphasis on that incestuous element in the psychopathology of neurotic Jewish males. The kibbutz, imposed upon the "chicken soup" element in Jewish culture, has corresponding, degrading psychosexual effects. "(1)

and of course the "kibbutz policy" is Nazi-like:

"The same, Oppenheimer-shaped policy was the kernel of Hitler's Eastern policy, and was taken over entirely by Zionism in the form of the kibbutz policy." (1)

LaRouche also spreads the "conspiracy theory" that Israel (Mossad) is behind the attacks on 9/11.

LaRouche is here promoting an anti-Semitic message to antiwar activists and supporters of the Palestinian struggle. His propaganda advances the classic lie that U.S. policy in the Middle East is the result of pressure by the mythically powerful “Jewish lobby” or “Jewish bankers”.

Now let's see what LaRouche thinks of the "Jewish/Zionist lobby"...


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