Cult: FEAR: It is "One minute to midnight..."

One recurring theme of the LaRouchian ideology is that the world faces nuclear war or world starvation unless his ideas are implemented, according to LaRouche's writings.

In the last 10 years, LaRouche has issued countless warnings that the world was doomed in the coming months, according to the group's literature.

"There are about 200 predictions about the collapse of the world economy, each of which didn't add up," one ex-member said. "Amnesia is one of the necessary qualificiations for membership."

"Ideological Odyssey: From Old Left to Far Right By John Mintz, Washington Post, January 14, 1985

"He (the recruit, note) refuses to think outside the movement because he is constantly told a world war may start tomorrow!"

From ex-recruit "Nicholas" at

Source: - Oct. 06, 2006 - with a picture from "The Triumph Of Death" by Bruegel

Once you 've landed on LaRouche's planet, time has frozen, there is NO "Future" outside of his "organization". "Past" (i.e. "History") is being rewritten.
You are stuck in a never ending "Present"; from daily briefings to daily briefings...
These "daily briefings" are designed to remind you constantly that WE STAND IN THE WAY OF GLOBAL HELL (MORNING BRIEFING, Tuesday, April 3, 2007)


"In the United States, and around the world, the situation is terribly frightening. The drug pandemic is destroying the bodies, minds, and souls of youth in every part of the world. Entire nations are being destroyed by drug-financed international terrorism. "During the middle of the 1970's, there was the worst genocide of the century in Cambodia. But now, famine and disease are wiping whole African nations from the map. Here in the United States, our farmers are being driven into bankruptcy, while the world as a whole is plunged into the worst food crisis of the century. Our industries are collapsing, while 40 million Americans are below the poverty line. And a majority of our debt-ridden people are much less well-off than their families were 20 years ago.

"Winter of Our Discontent" national broadcast, October 31, 1988

"Speak of the need for two to three jobs to support a household, and still to fall short of the real purchasing-power, in physical terms, of a household formerly living on one or one-and-a-half incomes, thirty years ago. Speak of the percentile of total after-tax household income taken by rent, or equivalent costs of home-occupancy. Speak of many added hours of costly commuting each week. Speak of costs of health-care, a life-and-death issue for many, and also, for many, the item in the family budget which drops the household below the welfare line. Speak of credit-cards loaded to, or near their limits, and all the other household debt, besides. Look at the decay of neighborhoods, or the "Potemkin Village" delusion which cloaks the economic reality of "gentrified" urban or suburban-"development" residential areas. Or, look at the accelerating collapse in quality of education at all levels.

These are "hard times." If the citizen is a pensioner, or approaching retirement, these are terrifyingly "hard times."

"The Globaloney Is Over! by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., EIR, Feb. 12, 1997

LaRouche wants you to be constantly scared to death...

For LaRouche we are re-living the 1930s: a financial crash will trigger worldwide fascism, world war III and thermonuclear holocaust at ANY time.
LaRouche is like a "prophet of Doom".
He is warning us our World is about to be destroyed by any of these "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" :

  1. The Economic Depression
  2. World War III
  3. Pestilences (AIDS)
  4. New Dark Ages

... at ANY time! Do you feel the Fear now?


The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse by Albrecht Dürer (often used in LaRouche literature).


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