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Rev. James Bevel (1936 – 2008)

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"The LaRouche-Bevel Program to Save the Nation:\\ Reversing 30 Years of Post-Industrial Suicide"LaRouche-Bevel 1992 campaign to remove
the statue of General Albert Pike.
Bevel at a recent Moonie event....

Before he ran for vice presidential candidate in 1992 on Lyndon LaRouche's ticket, Bevel worked for the Moonies cult (Unification Church of reverend Sun Myung Moon). As a matter of fact, he never left the Moonies while still working for LaRouche. (See John Gorenfeld at
The LaRouche-Bevel campaign marked a rapprochement between LaRouche and Reverend Moon. Indeed, the "LaRouche-Bevel campaign" paid, in February and March of 1992, for a series of 11 full-page ads in the Moonie Washington Times. Source: "Meet the Candidates" at

During 1992 Bevel was also involved in a LaRouche campaign to remove the statue of General Albert Pike, alledgedly a founder of the KKK, from its place of honor in Washington, D.C.'s Judiciary Square.
LaRouche had connections with the KKK with KKK Grand-Dragon Roy Frankhouser, who worked for LaRouche as a security consultant since the mid-1970s. But, by then (in 1992), LaRouche was in jail and his KKK friend was convicted at the same time as LaRouche. Their friendship was over.
LaRouche and Bevel took the opportunity to blame... the Jews (eg, the ADL and the B'nai B'rith) for being behind the KKK!

Then in 1995, Bevel's association with (antisemite) Louis Farrakhan led to his participation in the National Day of Atonement/Million Man March movement. This rapprochement between LaRouche and Farrakhan was started earlier by the end of '80s.

Strangely, the LaRouche's "Honey-Reverend-Moon" was suddenly over. EIR ran a series of unprecedented attacks against Reverend Moon in October-November 2002. Even more intriguyingly is this "press release" titled ""Is Your Clergyman or Congressman a Moonie Sex-Cultist?" where it is said: "The dirty money is frequently followed by sexual favors from an army of young women—all brainwashed into Moon's bizarre sexual rituals." Strange accusations, since the Moonies defend chastity, campaign against "free sex" and regard extra-marital affairs as "satanic"! For instance Rev. Moon said :

"The Bible refers to the origin of free sex by using the image of a snake. Woman's sexual organ is like the open mouth of a snake filled with poison. Man's sexual organ is like the head of a snake. If you think of fallen love action in these terms you feel disgusted and so you should. It is poison to humanity."
The Moonies don't do "free sex" (unlike the "Children of God" cult for instance.) But, as it appears now, Rev. Bevel did...

Five years later, Bevel was arrested in Alabama after being charged with "unlawfully committing fornication." The charges stem from an alleged incestuous relationship he had some time between October 14, 1992, and October 14, 1994 in Loudoun County, Virginia (where and while he was associated with LaRouche...) The accuser is one of his daughters, believed to have been between 13 and 15~years old at the time. Some of his other daughters have corroborated the accusation from their own experiences with their father, who has allegedly admitted to the acts on tape, claiming they were part of the daughters' "religious training". Currently charged in Virginia--which has no statute of limitations for incest--Bevel faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted and is free on bond until his trial. Source: Wikipedia

Did LaRouche know anything about Bevel's sex life? Was this a tactic to distance himself from his old running mate and partner in crime?

James Bevel has played an important role to try convincing the African-Americans and other persons whose origins come from Black Africa that LaRouche is their "friend". He played a similiar role as the "Jews for LaRouche" do.
More on LaRouche and the "Blacks"
Bevel is also suspected to have introduced "Moonie Mind Control" techniques (like sleep deprivation) which are used to recruit and manipulate the LaRouche Youth Movement.

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