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"Jewish Cabals"

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Other Conspiracy Theories

Cover from the Australian LaRouche organization (CEC)

The "SYNARCHIST" conspiracy is the LaRouchian new version of the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" hoax, equating "Jews" to "International Money". His organization has recently used the labels of "locusts", "pigs" to this purpose.


Jewish Star with Queen Elizabeth at top flanked by Kissinger, Milton Friedman (New Solidarity, Oct. 17, 1978). In the accompanying article LaRouche states that "the variety of 'Judaism' represented by Zionism's inner circles is summarily identified historically by drawing a circle through the points of the pentacle represented by the Star of David: 'black magic' and 'Satanism.'" Source: Courtesy from D King


Pictures from the movie DER GOLEM, WIE ER IN DIE WELT KAM by Paul Wegener, Carl Boese (Germany, 1920)

LaRouche is obsessed with the so-called "legend of the Rabbi of Prague" and his creature the Golem . He uses this as a "metaphor" for "Jewish conspiracies". The Golem is a sort of Jewish "Frankenstein monster", his creator being a Rabbi. The Rabbi's wife is described by LaRouche as a sinful woman, similar to the Genesis 's treacherous Eve. He has used this fable at several occasions, more specifically to tell "who's really behind" the creation of "Bolshevism", "Hitler" (or here), the "millenarian fundamentalists" or "International Finance" (e.g.: George Soros): the Jews.


Cover of a recent Spanish edition of the "Protocols" (at

This antisemitic fraud, the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion", was used by LaRouche in his November 1978 Dope Inc. book to prove the Zionists and Jewish financiers were behind drug (and slave) trafficking.

In December that year, LaRouche "revised" his stance yet asserting that "the Czarist Okhrana's "Protocols of Zion" include a hard kernel of truth"...

LaRouche later dismissed the "historical value" of the Protocols but blamed... Jews (e.g. "Jabotinsky") for colluding with those who concocted it:

"Now, remember that Jabotinsky was a Russian agent, but also a British agent: That is, he went to Paris. He worked for the guy in the Okhrana, who issued the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" from Paris." (From: Open Discussion With Lyndon LaRouche , August 31- September 1, 2002] at

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