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1976 US election TV broadcast:
LaRouche: The election of Jimmy Carter means thermonuclear war no later than the Summer of 1977...

"Carter represents something vastly more evil than Hitler ever accomplished !" (1)

This doesn't prevent him from congratulating some 30+ years later (no hard feelings)

"Carter and the Party of international Terrorism", Special Report by the U.S. Labor Party, August, 1976 :

This EIR report (aka the "PIT") started a collaboration between LaRouche and the pro-nazi "Liberty Lobby" of Willis Carto:

Paul Goldstein, NCLC ' s security and counterintelligence chief, said NCLC asked Liberty Lobby to plug NCLC's Carter "terrorism" report "because we wanted to get the word out as widely as possible."
The conventional daily press "was not going to do it," he said, "because, of course, they're controlled by the Rockefeller forces."
Willis Carto, treasurer of Liberty Lobby, said the lobby sold about 200 copies of the report and an accompanying index for $5 each during the 1976 presidential campaign.
The Lobby's Spotlight newspaper gave the report a favorable review in its Oct. 11, 1976, issue, warning only against "occasional distortions and omissions to be found in any Marxist-leaning polemic." (2)

Carter's Zionist Lobby:' A Dossier (EIR January 25, 1977)


(1) HOW A SOCIALIST QUARTERLY DRIFTS TOWARD FASCISM, by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., in The CAMPAIGNER, Vol. 14, n2, April 1981.
(2) When Left Reaches Right - Aug. 16 1977 - Washington Post

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