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Leo Strauss

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(Children of Satan, p48)

So, the President invaded Iraq on the same type of pretext used by Hitler for his 1939 invasion of Poland. All this was done under the influence of a deceased German fascist emigre´, Carl Schmitt-sponsored Leo Strauss, whose only disqualification for Nazi Party membership had been the Jewish ancestry which could not be expunged from his birth record.

(Children of Satan, p9)

Although a Jew, who was active in the Vladimir Jabotinskyled Revisionist Zionist circles in Germany in the 1920s, Strauss was also a prote´ge´ and enthusiastic promoter of the ideas of two leading intellectual figures of the Nazi Party: existentialist philosopher and Friedrich Nietzsche-revivalist Martin Heidegger; and Nazi jurist Carl Schmitt, who wrote the legal opinion justifying Adolf Hitler’s February-March 1933 post-Reichstag Fire dictatorial putsch. (Children of Satan, p38)

In Germany of the 1920s and 1930s, there were Jews who were Nazis, but who, like Strauss and the Frankfurt School gaggle of left-wing Nietzscheans (Theodor Adorno, Max Horkheimer, Leo Lowenthal, Herbert Marcuse, et al.), had no chance for party advancement because of Hitler’s anti-Semitism; and so they chose to leave Germany, to pursue more “universal” fascist ideas and policies abroad, particularly in the United States and Great Britain. (Children of Satan, p32)

William Kristol, a leading Washington “Straussian”...

The document was called, “Synarchie and the Policy of the Banque Worms Group.” The unnamed author began, “In recent reports there have been several references to the growing political power of the Banque Worms group in France, which includes amongst its members such ardent collaborationists as Pucheu, Benoist- Mechin, Leroy-Ladurie, Bouthillier, and representatives of big French industrial organizations.” Under the subtitle, “Similarity of aims of ‘Synarchie’ and Banque Worms,” the report continued, “The reactionary movement known as ‘Synarchie’ has been in existence in France for nearly a century. Its aim has always been to carry out a bloodless revolution, inspired by the upper classes, aimed at producing a form of government by ‘technicians,’ under which home and foreign policy would be subordinated to international economy. The aims of the Banque Worms group are the same as those of ‘Synarchie,’ and the leaders of the two groups are, in most cases, identical.” The “Banque Worms group” was closely allied with the Lazard banking interests in Paris, London, and New York, and with Royal Dutch Shell’s Henri Deterding. Hippolyte Worms, the bank’s founder, was one of 12 initial Synarchist Movement of Empire (SME) members, according to other French police and intelligence reports. The report itemized the aims of the Synarchists, as of August 1940: “to check any new social schemes which might tend to weaken the power of the international financiers and industrialists; to work for the ultimate complete control of all industry by international finance and industry; to protect Jewish and Anglo-Saxon interests; . . . to take advantage of Franco-German collaboration to conclude a series of agreements with German industries, thereby establishing a solid community of interests between French and German industrialists, which will tend to strengthen the hands of international finance and industry; . . . to effect a fusion with Anglo-Saxon industry after the war.”

(Children of Satan, p88) +

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