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LaRouche asked about his anti-semitism

LaRouche on The Andy Thomas Show Talk Network in South Carolina (Google's cache since is closed) (October 21, 2003) was grilled about his anti-semitism:

Announcer (female): Do you agree with these comments, that you are racist, or that you are anti-Semitic?

LaRouche: Well, there's no truth to it whatsoever. So what am I going to say about it? People who say that kind of thing, discredit themselves. Because anybody who cares to investigate the thing, rather than just reporting what some gossips spread, will find out it's false. And people who don't look it up, before speaking publicly, especially prominent figures ...

On 'Nite Beat' with Barry Nolan (Google's cache since is closed) (October 24, 2003) LaRouche was asked again about his anti-semitism:

Nolan: Let me ask you a question about something that concerns a lot of people, as I read different postings about you on the Internet, and come across printed articles. Some fear that you are, at heart, anti-Semitic, you use codewords around it, but that you basically believe that a Jewish cabal is in control of the world. Is that a fair statement, or...?

LaRouche: No, this is garbage from people like--you've got them up in Boston there, Chip Berlet and his friends.

Nolan: Tell me something good about Israel.

LaRouche: Well, what's so good about it? We're trying to keep Israel from dying in the middle of a Palestine-Israeli crisis, which is going on now. There's right now in Geneva, there's a meeting of a former Israeli official, a very significant political figure, Beilin, and they are organizing at Geneva, a group-to-group Palestinian-to-Israeli effort to get a peace negotiation going. I would hope they succeed. I've been associated with people with that cause, oh, actively, since 1974.

Nolan: But it would be unfair to characterize you as being anti-Semitic?

LaRouche: It would be insane.

Nolan: Let me ask you, I came across a quote that's attributed to you: "The laws of Moses and related materials in the Old Testament are not part of Israelite religious tradition, but the product of international counterinsurgency operations in 5th and 6th Century B.C. Babylon." I have no idea what that is about.

LaRouche: I don't know where you got that from. I don't know what it is.

  • It's from your own literature, stupid!

From The Campaigner Aug. 1977, announcing the next issue and its "From Babylon to Jerusalem" antisemitic piece... Attach:CAM7708.GIF

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