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Larouche and FDR

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"My outlook has not changed in any essentials, on either Franklin Delano Roosevelt, or principles of economy, since the developments of the 1946-1953 interval. "
Source: "For the Record:DO YOU REMEMBER RIEMANN?" Internal memo; September 9, 2007

Today Larouche presents himself as a champion and heir of FDR.

This wasn't always the case.

In the 1970s, he called FDR a fascist and his economic policies were like... Nazi Finance minister Hjalmar Schacht's!


Comments from FACTNET.ORG FORUM:

10-24-2012, 07:07 PM xlcr4life

In the 1930's, in the United States, the Roosevelt administration introduced legislation for massive public works. The actual force that conceived and initiated these measures was John D. Rockefeller the First, John D. Rockefeller II and the cabal of capitalists and academic servants who worked with them.
The works programs were fascist. The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) was modeled on Mussolini's, produced in Italy in the 1920's. The Works Progress Administration (WPA) paralleled the free labor corps of Hitler. Roosevelt's National Recovery Administration (NRA), his money currency plan, initiated the rapid raising of prices to produce immediate capitalist profit and printed massive amounts of loans to be paid off through the slave-labor public works of workers, the future taxation of the working class and the plunder of territories (the U.S. west and South America). This was the plan of Hitler's fascist finance minister Hjalmar Schacht in Germany 1933-35.
The fascist-model public works recycling programs introduced on a model scale in the U.S. in the 1930's and the corporativist management-labor war boards for austerity instituted with dictatorial power in the United States in 1941-45, both developed and worked out by the Rockefellers, are the germs of the fascist plans the vicious Rockefellers are building for full implementation in the United States and throughout the world today. This time there will be no "prosperity" of the 1950's and 1960's to follow, only the death of hundreds of millions of humans.

From: “The Tavistock Grin” (The Campaigner - 1974)

A wee bit after this Campaigner was released was when I first started to read LC lit. The context of what was taking place at the time is important ot understand how cheap parlor tricks by Larouche work. At the time we were Socialist/Communists who were battling the left at plant gates and on campuses. The NCLC was bad news from adventures like Mop Up and leftists saying that we were a CIA front. We also had a carpet bag entity called NUWRO (National Unemployed and Welfare Rights Organization) for inner city organising which was a copycat of NWRO (National Welfare Rights Organization ) .

To run for office we set up the US Labor Party to get coverage , appear in debates and do interventions. Larouche ran for president as the USLP candidate in 1976 and we ran numerous candidates around the country in areas where we had local offices.

This time period in the USA was one of the Vietnam war finally coming to an end, but deep structural problems in the economy with a loss of union and non union work in several "rust belt" industries which further caused an erosion in city finances and local economies. Nixon resigned and Gerald Ford was the President and Nelson Rockefeller was the VP. At the time the British hardly existed in Larouche's delusions we adopted the far right and conspiracy crowd program of a never ending cabal of the Rockefellers, The CFR, The Trilateral Commission running the world. Indeed, you could not get past two sentences in any, any of our publicatins or leafletts without Rockefeller being behind it all. The CIA was Rocky, banking was Rocky. Dope was Rocky. Never a mention of Nelson Rockefeller and taxes in NY State though and what effect that had on business in the state.

If you raised the role of Rockefeller in greatly expanding the State University System in NY state it was only to create zombies and carry out joint projects with the CIA to further enslave the globe.

There were a few different public bills proposed to lower unemployment and get the US economy moving again. One of these was "CETA" (Comprehensive Empoyment and Training Act)

The other was "Humphrey-Hawkins"

CETA was during the Nixon years and inflation was a very big deal for consumers. CETA was signed by Nixon in December of 1973. One of the chief Sponsors was Sen. Jacob Javits who in our book was nothing but a Rockefeller stooge. What we did was pretty simple. You take the CETA bill and merge that with Rocky running the globe and using slave labor to replace union workers in auto, steel and other trades. The supply was to come from the methadone clinics who in our crazy fantasies were able to be sober and not stoned enough to be shipped to waiting plants to work. Rocky was now a drug baron and the strict NY State anti drug Laws were designed to send people to prison rehab and eventually a one way ticker to an auto plant for low wages.

The lunacy of our cult never ends when we became clear cut kids selling "War on Drugs" subscriptions and Dope Inc books door to door. Now we basically wanted even more Draconian drug laws and attacked elected officials and law enforcement who did not want to send people to life in prison which costs taxpayers a fortune for posession or selling. Rockefeller vanished as a drug baron and The British took over that slot.

Before we had War on Drugs magazine we had little pamphlets about how Rockefeller was behind drugs, methadone and was using the LEAA (Law Enforcement Assistance Administration)

to take over police and create a national Gestapo.

If you think the insanity and cheap parlor tricks ended with The British controling the drug trade, guess again. Who or whatever was the percieved delusional enemy of Larouche earned that slot. In the 1980s when a Boston Grand Jury was investigating our credit card fraud, lo and bhold, Boston and the local prosecuters and AG office were DOPE INC. When Larouche was making himself to be the only real anti Communist standing between the USSR taking over the universe, the USSR "bought out" The British and became the drug barons of the world. I have a 1986 editon of Dope Inc which has this.

To get back to the story, when you were sent out to plant gates to hawk NS and hand out leafletts to the woikers, you scared them into a plot by the Rockefellers where they are laid off and those inner city dope fiends will be replacing them via CETA.

With Humphrey - Hawkins things changed in that we had an "energy crisis" in the country. Shale oil in Colorado and Alberta Canada was promoted as a source of oil. Thus, the next crop of crazed methadone addicts along with union workers were going to be sent to those areas to work as slaves in Rockefeller's energy fields. Since we know that Rockefeller made money in the oil business, it all made sense.

When you got to NY State and the Rockefellers you also had the Roosevelt family. This made it real easy with a few cans of "connecto" to make FDR part of the Rockefeller plot and the CCC and WPA which were being used as Keynsian examples of Gov stimulus were now part of the CIA plot. For this era of Larouche cheap parlor tricks, the entire Roosevelt Family became nothing but immitation Patricians who were under the direct control of the Rockefellers who were THE enemies of Larouche and humanity.

So why the change by Larouche?

Basically getting Hulan Jack to come into our office to get other Democrats and Black officials and Religious leaders to work with us. Hulan was a FDR Democrat and there was no way in hell Larouche would feed him several years of his writings and speeches about how FDR was a fascist. Larouche and FDR were now the best of friends and Lyn always loved Roosevelt. In a very short time Larouche was now on a first name basis with "Martin" (MLK) for the benefit of the Black Church leaders we needed.

The Republican and far right contacts saw Roosevelt and MLK as nothing but socialists and secret Communists. To take care of that Larouche was now the self proclaimed leading fighter against a Communist plot to take over the world.

The only way to make sense of all this is to look at Larouche as the political cult equivalent of a Bernie Madoff or some other ponzi schemer. The promises you and words you use depend on the victim you are scamming. This was also used with the members who thought that they are being part of something slick where we knew the real Larouche and how to take power. The only people who really knew Larouche were the select scam artists who knew Larouche and security better than everyone else and were able to get an estimated 13 million dollars handed over to them over the years in one scam after another from a delusional Larouche.

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