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Questioning the Leader's Authority

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From ex-recruit "Nicholas" at

Any opposition was banished. If one tried to question a decision from the leaders or the managers, one was treated as “anti-authority” A serious insult which involves systematically “an isolation” and a lot of pressure.

Unconditional allegiance to Cheminade (leader of the LaRouche organization in France, note) and Lyndon LaRouche is obligatory.

From ex-recruit "Giselle" at

The problem is that when you are a member of this movement all criticism is seen only as a vast conspiracy against LaRouche; in other words, the snake is biting its own tail…

This is where it becomes important to understand the cult phenomenon, the living prison that prevents you from thinking for yourself and which binds you to thought patterns that deny your past, your emotional safeguard, your intellectual and moral standards, everything that has moulded your own identity and uniqueness since your birth. This in other words, is all about making a change of personality. It becomes then impossible to question the Guru, the leader, the Guide. This is LaRouche. These are his ideas. You are not allowed to live in the “other world” anymore, the world of the ungodly and the world of the enemy. You have crossed to the other side, and to go back now would mean self-betrayal and self-denial, it would be like “jumping into a minefield” (dixit LaRouche).

From ex-recruit "Giselle" at

As one of the ex-members of this group expressed so well : “If you do not agree with LaRouche, then it is you that has the problem and the task is to try and find out where your problem lies.

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