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Helga told Todd over the phone that the intellectual work and singing days were meant only to develop the ridiculously uneducated and stupid youth to a sufficient level that they could competently organize in the streets and raise funds.
From The View from the Galleys ("WHY WE LEFT")

LaRouche is against Modern Music and these ritualistic LYM Choirs are part of his Mind Control techique.

LaRouche Youth Movement Brings Bel Canto Singing to the Streets, 2007 from

"You see this on the streets: We have youth go out in the streets will sing the Jesu, meineFreude , or segments of it, especially the "Trotz" section of that. This has an effect upon the people: They suddenly stop being stupid and corrupt, and they come up and start discussing things seriously. " * Lyndon LaRouche on Stockwell Show

From ex-recruit "Giselle" at

Mental manipulation:
Apart from the harassment and the psychological pressure involved in my recruitment, I was also influenced in other ways. This is why the organisation holds choirs in each of their branches, where members must learn to “embellish their soul” with the “great Genies” of German classical music or with nationalistic war tunes. These choirs meet during conferences using a form of mystical liturgy that is supposed to have the effect of inciting the younger “contacts” to share the enthusiasm created by the group in “harmony”.
The long conferences, the processions, and the singing all replace times of free discussion and deliberation.


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