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LaRouche says to his Youths:

A `No-Future' World

Your generation, as well as those among your parents' generation, who are still alive and viable, are confronted by the fact that your parents' generation gave you a no-future world. There's no way you can make a deal with this culture, which prevails today. No way. Because you can't survive! This culture cannot deliver you the means to survive. And you know from the broken-home background that your parents' generation created, in large degree, what kind of a psychological hell it makes for your generation.
How many mothers and fathers do you have, officially on the record, known and unknown? I mean, that's the condition of this generation, your generation.
So, you know that. What are you going to do about it? You know that you don't have a future unless you can change society. But you're a generation which is in a controlling position in policy-making of society. So what you do, is you go out like missionaries, and begin to organize the dead generation, your parents' generation, in society. And you see the impact you have when you go into these various places, like the campuses—go into places such as the state legislatures, or the Congress—you see the effect you have. The presence of four, five, or six of you, walking in, knowing what you're talking about, which is more than most of these legislators can do, and others: You have an effect on them.
What happens then, is not magical, it's principled. Whether people know it or not, the difference between man and a monkey, is the fact that the human species can do what no monkey can do, no ape can do, no Al Gore can do: Actually assimilate valid ideas of principle, and transmit them to a next generation. [...] We all die. Everyone is going to die. The mortal life of everyone will come to an end. So, you've got a mortal life; what are you going to do with it?
How long it is, is not the most important thing. It's what you go out of this life, leaving behind.
And what do you leave behind? You leave behind younger people. You leave behind successive generations of younger people. You leave behind what you transmit to them, what you contribute to their development, to the circumstances of their work in life, to the conditions of society, which gives them an opportunity to live.
Now, anyone who's human has within them the ability, if they haven't gone over to the apes completely, like Engels did—Frederick Engels—if they haven't gone over to the apes, then everyone who exists, has the capacity to recognize that principle: That we are human, we are different than the animals. The animals cannot discover a universal physical principle. We can. Not only that—we're able to transmit that discovery to others. We're able to organize cooperation in society, around such principles, and increase man's power, as a species, in the universe. We can change the conditions of life of the human race. We can improve it. We can give a future to coming generations.
And when you're wise, and you're living in a generation, you think about dying. Not in the sense of a morbid thing, but you say, "I'm going to die eventually. Now, while I'm still here, I'm going to get a certain job done. And my job is, to guarantee, to the degree I can contribute to this, that the next generation will have everything we have, in terms of knowledge, and the next generation will have a better life than we had. And that future generations will benefit from what we, in our generation, have done."

From "Building a Youth Movement To Save a Bankrupt Nation" by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., EIR February 21, 2003

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