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Need to ask permission for major decisions

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From ex-recruit "Nicholas" at

Lyndon LaRouche launched this movement for young people in Los Angeles about five years ago. Three of his closest collaborators had the assignment to recruit young people around the campuses of the town. It was a radical change of strategy: For twenty years their first concern had been money, the recruiting was done in a sporadic way. A young French girl Elodie Viennot, was recruited there during her architectural studies. The leaders of the movement of the young in Los Angeles, Harvey Schlanger and Lenie Rubinstein represent for these young people a kind of parents, of confidence. They solve all their problems. The young people of the Los Angeles are taken care of from A-Z by the three persons with whom they are in constant communication. Even when these youngsters travel abroad the American leaders ask them to remain in close contact.

From Breakfast to bedtime, the members are together. There are three meetings a day so that the youngsters remain under pressure.

The young members are completely “infantilised” by the organization and are incapable of taking any decisions without consulting their superiors

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