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Need to internalize the group's doctrine as "Truth"

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From ex-recruit "Giselle" at

The indispensable fiction.

Fiction comes first and foremost through a line of coherent but lying declarations that are thrown at you by the members.

One feels portrayed as right versus wrong. This simplistic view of things, which seems strange at first, does not refer to a specific problem within the organisation from which one could develop an opinion. The aim is that the “system” which will encompass their whole way of thinking would be as acceptable and irrefutable as the Truth. In other words they will make you feel like you have the gift of proving the truth, and that the conclusions of their theories are irrefutable. But what is worrisome is not so much the content of their dubious and repetitive texts, as much as the method with which they will bombard you with loads of information and postulates that will not allow you to take the necessary time and distance to realise how deceptive the organisation is.

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