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Need to report thoughts, feelings and activities to superiors

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From ex-recruit "Nicholas" at

The recruiting is based on methods of Psychology:

This is proved by his writing about the methods recommended in the book called “Beyond Psychoanalysis.” In that text Lyndon defines how to “organize” as the way to destroy all that makes up the “persona bourgeois” of the individual. Thus having got rid of his past, the individual submits to the movement, the parent of his new identity.

This is why Lyndon LaRouche has members who do not trust anything except the possibility for Lyndon LaRouche to change the world.

In France Jacques Cheminade has instigated a process which amounts to the corruption of the identity of the members. As a surrogate of Lyndon LaRouche holds full authority over the French organization. He controls the member’s schemes either directly or indirectly with his “henchmen.” His aim is to know everything about the members in order to play on their weaknesses. This technique is used by many sects.

Often Cheminade summons a member one by one to his office to make them talk and above all to make certain himself that the members submit absolutely. Sometimes he gets a third person to participate in the interview in order to draw up a special report on the person. During those meetings most of the time they question the psychological and even the sexual problems of the member. It has happened that Cheminade has sometimes called in a member in order to ask him if he was homosexual. This is seen as an immoral “deviance” even a psychological illness.

All this processes brings forth mistrust between members. One no longer knows whom to trust, knowing that everything you will say will be known and will be used, in one way or another to “destabilize” you.

It is habitual in the Lyndon LaRouche movement to control the private life of the members. In the 80’s, the leadership forced members to have abortions. Later, when some of them decided to have children they went underwent multi-pressures, and still to-day several years later the leaders still reproach them with this choice, preventing them from taking part in decision making. To be a good member, you must not have a child, the movement must be your only pre-occupation. The member must be available all the time to the leaders.trol Model]]

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