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No happiness or fulfillment "outside" of the group

“In fact the spectacle of a great number of individuals sincerely committed is much more convincing for the new person than any doctrine or structure.” (Quote from Steven Hassan in "Protect yourself against sects").

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From ex-recruit "Nicholas" at

The members motivation is pumped up twice a year through international conferences (two in the USA and two in Europe) For the young people they are more of them. One about every two months, the school for militants (cadres) are reserved for them. It is a privileged time when you can discuss with members from other offices. These meetings raise your spirit and give you enthusiasm.
The fact that we know that all over the world there are people like us who are doing the same thing, who are fighting for the same cause is very stimulating. One feels less lonely. Moreover those meetings are an effective way of recruiting new members

From former member "eaglebeak" at Lear in Leesburg

Starting way back in the early '70s, LaRouche denounced us all preemptively for any lingering yearning for a "bourgeois" lifestyle, for a "lifeboat" to take us away from the revolutionary life we had pledged to live as his followers.
LaRouche claimed that anyone who still had a job, or a spot in college or grad school, had a foot in that lifeboat--that is, had mental reservations. Had not hurled himself or herself into the maelstrom of revolutionary dialecticism or whatever. Hadn't truly ditched his dreadful family, friends, background, education, career....
The idea was that there was no surviving outside the LaRouche org. Any fantasies one might have had about surviving were understood to be Bad Thoughts. The member in question failed to realize that "If we don't win, none of you will survive anyhow."
So we were shamed into dropping out of grad school or college, quitting our jobs, telling our families to buzz off--and leaping into the bubbling cauldron of LaRoucheanism.
Sometimes, crazed recruits left their husbands or wives for LaRouche. Sometimes, as in the case of Sylvia B, they left their children. (Not so much her fault as Wertz's, who convinced her.)
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