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Paranoia & Conspiracy Theories

“To say that Lyndon was slightly paranoid, would be like saying the Titanic had a bit of a leak...”
Televangelist Jim Bakker, a LaRouche "cellmate" at F.M.C. Rochester in 1990. (1)

Where his anti-Jewish and anti-British paranoia started:

"The Labour Committtee began to undergo dramatic changes in the midle of 1972, when Mr. LaRouche's second wife (Jewish SWP member, Carol Schnitzer, note) left him for a yound English member of the party living in London (Chris White, note). Mr LaRouche spent several months in West Germany and returned with what one former member described as a messianic vision. Whereas internal debate and discussion had previously characterized the Labor Committee, the leader began making dictatoriual pronoucements. Those who disagreed were said to be either Central Intelligence Agency agents or afraid of their mothers.
Mr LaRouche began forming ideas of a vast conspiracy against him, led by the Rockefeller family and anything having to do with England. He spent much of his time in his bathrobe in his New York apartment, surrounded by a security force. Cartons of canned food, acquired for a "siege" lined in the halls.
Upon his return to New York. Mr LaRouche announced to the membership, without consultation with the party's executive committee, Operation Mop-Up."
From One Man Leads U.S. Labor Party on Its Erratic Path The New York Times; Oct. 8, 1979.

LaRouche's "Higher Conspiracy:

"Yes, Adelaide, the world has been run by conspiratorial elites employing secret knowledge. In its lesser aspects, that conspiracy, has subsumed features which coincide at first impression with what you might imagine a conspiracy to be. However, if you pursue the investigation from the standpoint of your usual, misguided preconceptions of a "global conspiracy," you will only mislead yourself into another pathetic concoction of mixed facts, half-truths and fantasies, like the concoctions associated with the "international Jewish conspiracy" or "international communist conspiracy."
Global conspiracies which function succeed by establishing "controlled environments" around the minds of the credulous masses of the world. Such a controlled environment is summed up efficiently by stating that the credulous masses are ruled by mythologies, and that the elites rule such masses by creating, shaping, and manipulating the mythologies. The methods employed by Joseph Goebbels and carried further by British intelligence networks for creating and manipulating the mythologies of credulous masses through control of all or at least key portions of the press and radio and television, are the center of modern techniques to this effect." (THE SECRETS KNOWN ONLY TO THE INNER ELITES The CAMPAIGNER, Vol. 11, n°3-4 May-June 1978)

This is LaRouche's mind control: to create a "controlled environment" (ie his "Organization") and manipulate credulous minds with mythologies... like Goebbels' ideological mentor, A Rosenberg...

Some of LaRouche's more recent "conspiracy theories":

Do you believe his conspiracy theories? Well Homer Simpson does! Watch this clip here.


1. "I Was Wrong" (1996) autobiography, quote from here + more extracts here


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