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06-23-2009, 07:01 AM
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Two steps down the rabbit hole: Step one: Pierre de villemarest and cliff kiracofe

Before concluding the series on CODE (at least from this side of the Atlantic), I wanted to post two notes on strange connections that popped up in the investigation that can’t easily be summarized but that I offer as background information.

The first note comes from taking a closer look at Pierre de Villemarest, the C.O.D.E. activist whom we discussed in earlier posts and his U.S. collaborator Clifford Kiracofe, who – it turns out – is himself a regular participant in LaRouche events, and who also seems pals with our old heroes from Security, Paul and Jeff.

We have already seen the prominent role Pierre de Villemarest played in the formation of C.O.D.E. as well as his long career as a writer and intelligence operative. His involvement in politics apparently dates back to World War II when he first became active in the French Resistance. As it turns out, in April 1995, de Villemarest apparently put out a statement or article accusing the LaRouche Organization of working for Moscow! Yet somehow either Villemarest changed his mind or his collaborator Clifford Kiracofe believed the LaRouche Group wasn’t controlled by Russia or he didn’t care.

Whatever the course of events, here is some background information from de Villemarest’s profile on French Wiki:

Besides being a decorated French Resistance veteran, de Villemarest (whose real name apparently was Faillant), spent the early post-war years working for the French Intelligence service SDECE in Austria and Germany carrying out de-Nazification activities. However, by 1958 he entered the opposition to De Gaulle over Algeria, supported the OAS, and spent some time in jail for this trouble. As we have seen, he was also involved with countless far right organizations and at one time even headed the Centre europeen d’information (CEI), which was founded in 1970. He also headed CIPRO, the International Conference or the Resistance in the Occupied Nations, an organization dedicated to the rollback of Soviet power.

And some more background on de Villemarest from a different citation:

"Les spécialistes de l'appareil soviétique travaillent jour et nuit pour manipuler ou créer des informations et en pénétrer tous les milieux (5)", dramatise M. Pierre de Villemarest (6), journaliste, rédacteur en chef de la Lettre d'information du Centre européen d'information, qui s'occupe de désinformation. Il est aussi président de la Conférence internationale des résistances en pays occupés, la CIRPO, une association d'extrême droite qui prône la lutte armée comme moyen de libération de l'oppression communiste (7).

(5) In la Lettre d'information de Pierre de Villemarest.

(6) Pseudonyme de J. Faillant, ancien animateur du Mouvement populaire du 13 mai pour l'Algérie française.

(7) M. Bruno Bertez, ancien directeur du groupe La Vie française/Agefi, est président d'honneur de la CIRPO.

(From an article reprinted at: )

As fate would have it, de Villemarest apparently accused the LC of being under the control of Moscow. (Since the claim was apparently written well after the fall of the Soviet Union, one can only presume that the connection continued into Putin’s Russia.) De Villemarest allegedly published his claim in his intelligence newsletter/journal entitled “letter d’information” on 24 April 1995. It was then apparently restated again in a book by the French writer Clara Gaymard, but no footnote is supplied for her. As for de Villemarest, it seems most likely that this “letter d’information” was from the CEI. The entire statement I am citing comes from this statement:

“Selon Pierre de Villemarest, journaliste et écrivain, LaRouche et sa « secte politico-philosophique » travaillent « au service de Moscou »20, affirmation reprise dans un livre par Clara Gaymard[réf. nécessaire]. »

20. sa lettre d'information du 24 avril 1995

(From: )

In other words, de Villemarest at one time claimed that LaRouche and his political-philosophical sect worked “in the service of Moscow.”


One of de Villemarest’s close American collaborators for some “three decades” was Dr. Clifford A. Kiracofe, Jr., who is a professor at the Virginia Military Institute

As it so happens, Dr. Kiracofe has also been very prominent with the LaRouche movement. See, for example, . This is a reprint of a speech Kiracofe gave in July 2006 in Berlin at an EIR conference. He is also a regular interviewee on ‘The LaRouche Show.”

See, for example:

“February 21, 2009:

EIR’s John Hoefle, Dr. Clifford Kiracofe, history professor from Virginia Military Institute and Washington and Lee University, and LaRouche Youth Movement activist Alicia Cerretani, on “The Fascists vs. FDR, Then and Now.” Hosted by Marcia Merry Baker.”

(Source: .)

From Kiracofe’s bio:

Department of History
Department of International Studies
Virginia Military Institute

One of the posts listed by Kiracofe is:

2000-present: NEW WORLD INSTITUTE, Charlottesville, VA. Senior Research Fellow. Projects on International politics and economics, national security issues.

Kiracofe also lists two books that he worked on with de Villemarest:

GRU, Le Plus Secret des Services Sovietiques (Paris: Editions Stock, 1988) co-author with Pierre de Villemarest. A history of Soviet military intelligence.

Le Coup d'État de Markus Wolf, La Guerre des Deux Allemagnes 1945-1991 (Paris: Editions Stock, 1991) research and documentation for author Pierre de Villemarest. A history of the East German STASI.

Here is an even more detailed profile by Kiracofe that documents his ties with de Villemarest :

Clifford A. Kiracofe, Jr.
Trade Books, Journalism, Web: Research, Documentation, Analysis
Trade Book Projects

Principal Author

My current book project is with I.B. Tauris (London). The working title is Dark Crusade: US Foreign Policy and Christian Zionism. The book traces the origins and historical influence of Christian Zionism on US policy in the Middle East. We expect to publish in 2009.

Co-Author with PIERRE de VILLEMAREST (Pierre Faillant, b. 1922, d. 2008). We worked on projects for some three decades. Our focus is on World War II and the Cold War.

Pierre de Villemareast and Clifford Kiracoff, G.R.U Le plus secret des services soviétiques 1918-1988 (Paris: Éditions Stock, 1988). Co-author in collaboration with principal author Pierre de Villemarest. A history of the Soviet military intelligence service.

Research and Documentation

Pierre de Villemarest, Le Dossier Saragosse, Bormann et Gestapo Müller après 1945...(Paris: Lavauzelle, 2002). In this project, which took about five years, I provided documentation from United States at the National Archives and other sources. The controversial book takes the position that Martin Bormann did indeed escape after World War II and moved between Europe and South America via Spain. A similar pattern obtained with Heinrich "Gestapo" Müller, although he had a detour in the East Bloc. I discovered official diplomatic and military documents at the US National Archives that indicated our government had tracked and monitored reports about Bormann for several years after World War II.

Pierre de Villemarest, A L'Ombre de Wall Street, Complicités et Financements Soviéto-Nazis(Paris: Godfroy de Bouillon, 1996). In this project, I provided documentation from the United States concerning the secret financing of the Nazi Party and its relations with the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU). We gave particular focus to the role of certain circles on Wall Street. This book pulled together and enhanced earlier research on the theme.

Pierre de Villemarest, Le Coup d'État de Markus Wolf, La Guerre des deux Allemagnes, 1945-1911 (Paris: Éditions Stock, 1991). In this project, I provided documentation from the United States pertaining to the East German secret police service, "STASI," the subject of the book.

Pierre F. de Villemarest, Les Sources Financiers du Communisme (Quand l"URSS était l"alliée des nazis) (Cierrey, France: Éditions C.E.I., 1984). In this project, I provided documentation from the United States concerning the secret financing of Communist parties and the CPSU relationship with the Nazis.

Pierre F. de Villemarest, Les Sources Financières du Nazisme (Cierrey, France: Éditions C.E.I., 1984). In this project, I provided documentation from the United States concerning the financial sources of the Nazi Party including Wall Street.

[NOTE: C.E.I. is most likely the European Center of Information -- HH]

Journalism: Television

PRESS TV (Iran), Commentary 2007, 2008. Guest commentator on the popular "Fine Print" show and News shows.

ASAHI TV (Japan), Commentary 2003, 2004, 2007. Guest commentator on the popular "Sunday Project" show. I presented a critique of US foreign policy and the role of the "Neoconservatives." The Japanese showed great interest in the complexities of US foreign policy formulation and the role of lobbies and special interest groups.


Yet we also see by his bio, that from 2000 till apparently today, Kiracofe has also been a Senior Research Fellow at the Charlottesville, Virginia-based New World Institute, headed by David C. Jordan.

Here is a blurb on Jordan from his book Drug Politics, on the world drug trade.

“David C. Jordan served as United States Ambassador to Peru (1984-86). He is currently Professor of International Relations and Comparative Government, Woodrow Wilson Department of Government and Foreign Affairs, University of Virginia, and President of the New World Institute, Charlottesville, Virginia.”

Yet Kiracofe has another colleague at the New World Institute familiar with EIR: Paul Goldstein.

From two bios of Goldstein:

Mr. Paul Goldstein is President of Pacific Tech Bridge LLC which is a business consultancy doing business in Japan and setting up strategic alliances with American high tech companies. Mr. Goldstein is also the Vice President of the New World Institute, a Charlottesville, Virginia based policy think tank headed by the U.S. former Ambassador to Peru, David Jordan. . . .

For the last 10 years, Mr. Goldstein was involved in policy discussions with Japanese government figures as well as key individuals in the private sector. He has spoken before Japanese parliamentary groups on the impact of U.S. policies on Japan and the Asia-Pacific region.

Here’s another bio:

Mr. Paul Goldstein: Paul Goldstein is the President of Pacific Tech Bridge. He has been an international consultant for the past 15 years and has a policy consulting firm based in Leesburg, Virginia. Over the last 10 years, Mr. Goldstein has traveled around the world advising government officials and private sector companies on the impact of U.S. policies on their respective countries. He has lectured in Japan, Europe, and the United States on the impact of globalization and the high technology revolution. He has collaborated with former government officials on developing a new policy architecture for the 21st Century. He is also Vice President of a think tank, the New World Institute, based in Charlottesville, VA. He has written a book on U.S. Japanese relations, published in Japan and has written extensively for publications in Japan, U.S. and the Middle East.

[What book was it exactly that Paul is referring to when he mentions Japan. Is it “Confessions of the Jews” or the one about George Bush and Skull and Bones? (And shouldn’t he have said “co-authored”?)]

Speaking of Paul’s co-author, here is Jeff Steinberg’s sycophantic review (and Jeff is nothing if not a skilled sycophant) of New World Institute head David Jordon’s book Drug Politics: Dirty Money and Democracy. (Although I’ve posted this review before on FactNet, it is worth revisiting in this context. – HH)

Reviews Written by Jeffrey Steinberg (Washington DC USA)

At last some clarity on drug policy, March 17, 2002

Professor Jordan's Drug Politics sheds critical light on one of the most persisting problems of the post-World War II period: How to properly tackle the problem of the illegal drug trade. What I found most valuable was Dr. Jordan's identification of the false underlying assumptions that have plagued America's anti-drug policy for decades, and have led many people, in frustration, to accept the even more deeply flawed arguments of those proposing the legalization of drugs. The vast majority of treatments of the drug plague fail to take into account the witting role of powerful "overworld" forces, including those in the banking and financial community, who engage in drug money laundering; politicians who become witting captives of the drug interests; and media and cultural industrialists who profiteer off of their own promotion of the drug culture. This book is a real thought provoker, and, what is best, the careful diagnosis of the false assumptions give one the idea that a viable approach to dealing with the deadly plague of illegal drugs may, at last, be possible. In addition to having the courage to names some of the names of the "overworld" figures promoting the drug epidemic for their own gains, the book provides invaluable historical background and insight. Yet, it is not an overly written academic treatment. It is one of those rare books that is too good to put down.

(Strange review. How could Jeff have forgotten to invoke the name of the greatest genius since Leibniz?)

But such is life in the small (and getting even smaller) world of LaRouche Land.



This series of FactNet posts covers a range of LaRouche Organization ties to the far right both in Europe and the United States. The first few posts look at some of the ideological links to past anti-Semite thinkers in Germany. The next set of exchanges explores the NCLC’s ties to a leading Japanese promoter of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The FactNet discussion then turns to the NCLC’s own weird endorsement of theories about Atlantis and the far right belief in Atlantis as well as LaRouche’s various kooky views on such matters and his embrace of some of the ideas of Barry Fell.
In the second half of the FactNet posts, we bid adieu to the Black Forest and the misty shores of Atlantis and focus in on the LC’s ties to Roy Frankhouser, a leading KKK member and neo-Nazi who began working openly with the NCLC in the mid-1970s. The section on Frankhouser can also be read as a supplement to the chapters in the “New Study” posted on LaRouche Planet (entitled “Unity Now” and “The Frankhouser File.” (As for Frankhouser’s role in the 1980s, see Dennis King’s book Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism.).
Finally we conclude with three appendices. The first examines the LaRouche group’s connections in Sweden. The second gives a detailed description of one mysterious “E to L Memo” exchange between LaRouche and an unknown source. In Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism, Dennis King discusses the “E to L Memo” and speculates on the possible author “E” but here is the actual text of one such exchange. The third and final appendix mentions the curious way some of the NCLC’s anti-Semitic and conspiratorial ideas echoed ideas in the Soviet Union in the late 1970s.
At times there is also some mention in the exchanges of the group Diagnosen Velag/CODE and its leader Ekkehard Franke-Gricksch. Because this is such an involved discussion, the reader is recommended to look at the separate LaRouche Planet section exclusively devoted to this special topic.
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