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Petra Kelly (1947 – 1992)

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Source: PETRA KELLY : Profile of a Political Whore (New Solidarity, June 3, 1985) from (D. King)
"In 1982-83 the ELP went after Petra Kelly, leader of Germany's Green Party and a strong advocate of removing U.S. missiles from German soil. Various smear articles called her a Communist, a terrorist, and sexually promiscuous. An article entitled 'Did You See This Whore on Television?' described her alleged affairs with married men. She sued the LaRouchians for libel in New York federal court. Her attorney, former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark, said the LaRouchians had engaged in a 'vicious campaign that made it difficult for her to appear in public. The campaign became physical at times. They cornered her on a train, they shoved her grandmother around....They abused her most fundamental rights of privacy, dignity, physical integrity, and reputation.'"
From PART FIVE: LaRouche's Private CIA at (Dennis King)
"Another target was Petra Kelly, the late Green Party leader in Germany. Sensing that Kelly was psychologically fragile, the LaRouchians made a serious attempt to invade her personal space and create the desired aversive environment. Among other things, this included the distribution, at public meetings she attended, of smear articles calling her a Communist, a fascist, a terrorist, a witch and a "whore," and describing her alleged love affairs in lurid language. LaRouche's followers even published in 1982, in the German language edition of New Solidarity, a journalistic version of their Petra Kelly psychological profile. The article speculated that her alleged relationships with older men were the psychological result of her abandonment in childhood by a supposedly "shiftless" father. Mirroring the LaRouchian articles on Kissinger, the profile of the Green Party leader claimed that she suffered from a "heart condition," with the implication that the harassment campaign would hopefully worsen this health problem.
Kelly sued the LaRouchians in U.S. federal court. Her attorney, Ramsey Clark, said they had engaged in a "vicious campaign that made it difficult for her to appear in public. The campaign became physical at times. They cornered her on a train, they shoved her grandmother around. . . . They abused her most fundamental rights of privacy, dignity, physical integrity, and reputation."
At Kelly's deposition, the LaRouchians took delight in asking all about her sex life, then published an article based on her responses, boasting that she had been "reduced to a frightened infant" and "seized by prolonged fits of paranoia."
Although the LaRouchians did not, in the articles I have examined, suggest that Kelly take her own life, they were clearly out to psychologically destroy her—and if they had succeeded, the outcome might well have been more serious than a brief stay in a mental hospital. In 1992, several years after the LaRouche campaign against Kelly had ended, she and her longtime partner Gert Bastian were found dead in their home of gunshot wounds: the German police concluded it had been a double suicide.
The LaRouchians quickly tossed their hostility to Kelly into an Orwellian memory hole (just as Ramsey Clark had vaporized his own past support of Kelly and become a LaRouche defender). The line now was that Kelly and Bastian had been murdered by nefarious forces and that the German authorities should be pressured to conduct a more thorough investigation. This would not be the last example of LaRouchian dodging and weaving on the issue of life and death in contemporary Germany: When Jeremiah Duggan, a Jewish university student from the U.K., died while attending a LaRouche cadre school in Wiesbaden in 2003, the LaRouchians claimed it was just a suicide and strongly opposed the Duggan family's efforts to trigger a criminal investigation."
From Lyndon Larouche and the art of inducing suicide (note 8) at (Dennis King)

Helmut Lorscheid & Leo A.Muller have written a book entitled Deckname: Schiller which gives background information on the Schiller Institute.
The authors describe numerous Incitement Campaigns, misleading news coverage and a history of Psycho-terror. The book mentions how defamatory telephone calls and other intimidation were the norm. The Green Party was singled out for attack by the LaRouche organization.
Petra Kelly (Green Party) was subjected to psycho-terror. After a meeting a woman came up to her and said "your speech was good I will kill you!" Petra Kelly was delivered with a box. Inside she found the head of a dead animal. Another time a bra dipped in blood. Petra Kelly was subjected to oppressive attacks and asked at public meetings by many people: "Did you like your present?” Petra Kelly received nightly phone calls and was constantly subjected to harassment. Further examples of harassment and attacks were described. This referred to how the LaRouche organisation placed several advertisements in prominent places after criticism was made of the Schiller Institute.
Click here for extracts of the book in English.

In October 1992, according to police, Petra Kelly was shot dead in Bonn while sleeping by her partner, ex-general and Green politician Gert Bastian, who then killed himself.
After her murder some suspicions were raised against LaRouche/ELP (EAP) and their smear campaign against her, somewhat similar to their campaign of hatred against Olof Palme prior to his murder in 1986.
Here is LaRouche's statement:


Patriots for Germany Press release


Mainz, Oct. 23, 1992 — In a release. Anno Hellenbroich, member of the board of the Patriots for Germany, demanded a fast and thorough investigation of the background which led to the death of Petra Kelly and Gert Bastian. "It is unacceptable that the state attorney or the police investgators declare only hours after the corpses were found, that any outside participation could be definitely excluded. Without even waiting for the results of the long-term forensic examinations, the thesis of a suicide—for whatever motive—is supposed to be established." In this sense, the demands of several Green deputies were right, to insist on a comprehensive investigation of all possibilities which could have led to ttie violent death. Hellenbroich strongly criticized some "sufficiently known sensation-makers-like RTL-Explosiv and Radio FFH", which allowed interviewees to express liberally invented, deep suspicions regarding the EAP, without having taken the necessary journalistic precautions, to check the veracity of the claims. "I cannot accept the outrageous lie of a Mr. Dering, who presented himself as an assistant of Kelly, and spoke about murder threats of the EAP against Petra Kelly in the past, in order to thus insinuate possible perpetrators. I cannot understand how Baerbel Bohley, can spread the same lie further. Has she not had enough personal experience with the Stasi, to know better than to simply take over uninvestigated psychological warfare lies? I have already experienced a similar hate campaign once before, after the murder of Olof Palme. Since then, the responsible Stasi officer has confessed to having channelled the lies into Swedish police circles," said Hellenbroich, who was a member of the board of the EAP in 1986. "Just as we have always insisted on the need for a conclusive, thorough explanation of the circumstances which led to the death of Uwe Barschel, now every possible aspect of the criminal case regarding Kelly and Bastian must be thoroughly investigated," Hellenbroich said, "since everybody knows by now from the Stasi files to what extent secret services and political interests operating on the international plane were involved in the anti-nuclear movement."

On March 29, 1985, a group of parliamentarians, including some from Die Grόnen, sent the German government fifteen written questions about the EAP (ELP) and the organization's activities in Germany.
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