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Raphael's fresco: But what was Plato/Leonardo pointing to?

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The cover of this "Inner Elite" CAMPAIGNER was taken from Raphael's "School of Athen" fresco. Just above this famous masterwork (i.e. towards WHAT Plato/Leonardo's finger is pointing to), Raphael made this painting which the 16th-century historian Vasari described in his "Lives of Artists" as follows:

"Raphael nevertheless wanted to use its arrangement and grotesques, and in each of the four tondos which were there he created a figure expressing the meaning of the scene below, towards which it turns. For the first, where he had depicted Philosophy and Astrology, Geometry and Poetry being reconciled with Theology, he painted a female figure representing Knowledge who is seated upon a chair supported on each side by a figure of the goddess Cybele, with the numerous breasts by which the ancients represented Diana Polymastes...etc"


This is what we could call the "bigger picture"!
Of course, according to LaRouche, Cybele is another incarnation of the evil "Whore of Babylon", aka "Mother-Earth", Isis, Astarte, etc. See LaRouche's "Feminine Principle".

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