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Friedrich Schiller praises Aristotle!

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The great German alleged "Neo-Platonist & Humanist" Friedrich Schiller (whom Helga Zepp-LaRouche used his name to create the "Schiller Institute") was - philosophically speaking - a Kantian essentially. This is largely documented. He never commented on either Plato or Leibniz...
However, he did comment on Aristotle! In his correspondence with Goethe, who suggested him to read Aristotle's Poetic, here are Schiller favorable comments on Aristotle's work:

"I am very pleased with Aristotle, - and not only of him, but also of myself: it is not ordinary thing to have been able to read such a stale head man and cold legislator, without losing your inner peace there. This Aristotle is really a terrifying judge of Inferno for whoever claims, either to be held servilely attached to the external form, or to free himself from any form: the first will not fail to feel precipitated in perpetual contradictions by so much of independence of mind and of intelligence, - because it jumps to the eyes that he attaches infinitely more importance to what is essential than with all the questions of external form -, and, as regards the second, he will infallibly be terrified by the rigor with which, from the nature of the poem and more especially of the Tragedy, he deduces their immutable form." etc.

This is a several pages long letter to Goethe (Iena, 5 May 1797), praising Aristotle's work... Embarrassing, isn't?

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