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No Modern Music

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LaRouche is against all forms of "modern" culture. Music wise he is opposed to any form of music derived from ("Black") Pop/Rock/Rap/Jazz etc. he considers as "degenerate" ("entartete" in German), unlike the "German Classical music" he imposes on his adepts
Hence, the LYM have their cultist rituals: their "Classical Choirs" often performed in the streets.

(far right poster: Nazi propaganda)

"Rock-drug counterculture" fans are today's fascists/ Nazis:

"...we have in the present time those lunatics of the rock-drug counterculture who insist on "my right to do my own thing." These latter irrationalists are the essential fascists of our time, just as the irrationalist culture of Nazi ideologue Alfred Rosenberg, or of Nazi sympathizer Martin Heidegger, expressed the essence of fascist ideology during earlier decades." (1)

"...we already have in the U.S.(and Western Europe) a cancerous ferment called the "rock drug counter-culture" movement, a mass of alienated potheads identical in every essential feature with the German Youth Movement from which ex-bohemian Adolf Hitler recruited the worst scum for his Nazi S.S. " (2)

"But Classical composition is important to us, whereas Romantic is not. Modern music is not necessary; put it out in the trash, where it would be happy, by itself. Popular music, as it has developed recently: Put it in the trash, it doesn't belong, it doesn't do anybody any good. " (3)

In 1981, LaRouche sent an open letter to the new President, Ronald Reagan, asking him to make a national hero of Mark Chapman, who had murdered John Lennon of the Beatles six weeks earlier...:

LaRouche Declares War on Rock 'N Roll
If you thought Anslinger's music craziness was over after he went after jazz in the 1930s and 40s, then consider this:
One of the chief organizations among the 4,000 or so "Families Against Marijuana" type groups today is Lyndon LaRouche's "War on Drugs" committee, supported by Nancy Reagan, TV evangelists Jerry Falwell, Jimmy Swaggart, Pat Robertson, and other right-wing activists.
In January, 1981, this author and five members of the California Marijuana Initiative (CMI) secretly, by pretending to be pro-LaRouche, attended the West Coast convention of this organization, whose guest speaker was Ed Davis, former Los Angeles Police Chief, who was at that time a freshman state senator from Chatsworth, California.
As we each walked in separately, we were asked to sign a petition endorsing a Detroit reporter who had written an open letter to the new President, Ronald Reagan, asking him to give immediate presidential clemency and make a national hero of Mark Chapman, who had murdered John Lennon of the Beatles six weeks earlier.
The letter stated that John Lennon had been the most evil man on the planet because he almost single-handedly "turned on" the planet to "illicit drugs". The evils of rock 'n' roll are a constant theme of the "War on Drugs" publications.
To keep up with the part we were playing, we signed the petition. (John, forgive us we were playing a clandestine role: under-cover CMI anti-narc. We remember you for "Give Peace a Chance," "Imagine," and all the rest.)
After we signed the petition, their leaders took us to the back of the room to show us some of the goals that would be achieved when they would come to full power over the next decade.
On five or so long tables set up in the back of the Los Angeles Marriott LAX meeting room were hundreds of recordings of Bach, Beethoven, Wagner, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Mozart, and others, and dozens of pro-nuclear power publications.
They told us that along with new marijuana laws, they expected to implement their most important goal: anyone in the future who played disco, rock 'n' roll, or jazz on the radio, on television, in schools, or in concert, or just sold rock 'n' roll records or any other music that wasn't from their approved classical lists, would be jailed, including music teachers, disc jockeys, and record company executives. School teachers, if they allowed such music by students, would be fired. (LA Times; KNBC-TV.)
They were dead serious.

Source: The Emperor Wears No Clothes - Chapter 14

It would be interesting to compare LaRouche's stance on Lennon's with, say, the more Christian Vatican's: Vatican 'forgives' John Lennon...

LaRouche compares "Jazz musicians" to "masturbation" and "monkeys" (from


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Other sources:

THE SATANIC ROOTS OF ROCK by Donald Phau (LaRouchie)
Who Owns ‘Your’ Culture? by Harley Schlanger (LaRouchie)

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