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Ramsey Clark

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This is what LaRouche said about his future lawyer Ramsey Clark:

Ramsey Clark runs terrorism:

"That doctrine was enunciated prior to the Entebbe incident by Ramsey Clark, who is a leading member of the network which runs the political side of the terrorism, ..." (2)

LaRouche accuses Ramsey Clark of being a Khomeini-supporter:

"Ramsey Clark [n2 on the picture, note], supporter of Khomeini's revolution and urban riot coordinator." (3)

Clark is as degenerate as those Nazis responsible for the Final Solution:

"Since, Canaris, and Kaltenbrunner, the world has not seen such moral degenerates as Ramsey Clark, Jake Javits, Shimon Peres and their fellow-accomplices in this and related affairs." (2)

LaRouche says Ramsey Clark 's "old cronies" want to kill him . . .:

"The reason that the legal frame-ups against me and my friends were tolerated, beginning 1984, and coming to peaks in October 1986 and October 1988, was that arrangement. The ultra-liberals, including Dukakis's Harvard cronies and Ramsey Clark' s old cronies in the Justice Department, wished me dead" (1)


these "facts" do not prevent him from choosing Ramsey Clark as one of his defenders while he was in jail in 1988

Former U.S. Attorney-General Ramsey Clark, along with LaRouche's wife Helga Zepp-LaRouche while defending the "LaRouche case" at the CSCE conference on "Human Rights" in Copenhagen, on June 21, 1990.

What Clark said about LaRouche

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