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BP's "ego-stripping = rape of the mind

Here are some techniques totalitarian regimes use, according to Meerloo 1:

The Strategy of Terror : "There exist several milder forms of mass terror, for instance, THE STRATEGY OF NO POLITICAL REST." (See FEAR/HYSTERIA: It's "One minute to midnight"

The Purging Rituals : "Cleaning out the higher echelons of government is an old historic habit. The struggle between fathers and sons, between the older and the younger generation, became ritualized far back in prehistoric times. [...] In Totalitaria, the killing and purging ritual is part of the mechanism of government, and it serves not only a symbolic but also a very real function for the dictator. He must eliminate all those he has bypassed and double-crossed in his ruthless climb to power, lest their resentments and frustrated rage break out, endangering his position or even his life.
The purge reflects another characteristic of life in Totalitaria. It dramatizes the fiction that the party is always on the alert to keep itself pure and clean. Psychiatry has demonstrated that the cleanliness compulsion in neurotic individuals is actually a displaced defense against their own inner rage and hostility."

Wild Accusation and Black Magic : "The more fear there is in a society, the more guilt each individual member of the society feels, the more need there is for internal scapegoats and external enemies. INTERNAL CONFUSION LOOKS FOR DISCHARGE IN OUTSIDE WARS.
In Totalitaria, the air is full of gossip, calumny, and rumor. Any accusation, even if it is false, has a greater influence on the citizenry than subsequent vindication. Bills of particulars, made out of whole cloth are manufactured against innocents, especially against former leaders, who have been able to develop some personal esteem and loyalty among their friends and followers. " (See HATRED: LaRouche's "Enemies")

Spy Mania : "Projecting blame onto others reinforces each citizen's sense of participation in the totalitarian community and stills the nagging internal voice demanding that he act as a self-responsible individual. The myth of external plotting also increases the individual citizen's feeling of dependence and immaturity. Now only his dictatorial leader can protect him from the evil world outside -- a world which is described to him as a vast zoo, inhabited by atomic dragons and hydrogen monsters. "

The Strategy of Criminalization: "Flowery catchwords, such as "historical necessity," help the individual to rationalize immorality and evil into morality and good. We see here the great corruption of civilized standards.
In his strategy of criminalization, the totalitarian dictator destroys the conscience of his followers, just as he has destroyed his own. "

Verbocracy and Semantic Fog -- Talking the People into Submission : "The multiform use of words in DOUBLE TALK serves as an attack on our logic, that is, an attack on our understanding of what monolithic dictatorship really is. Hear, hear the nonsense: "Peace is war and war is peace! Democracy is tyranny and freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength! Virtue is vice and truth is a lie." So says the Ministry of Truth in George Orwell's grim novel, "1984." [...] Instead of aiming at true understanding, people listen to thoughtless repetition, which gives them THE DELUSION OF UNDERSTANDING."

Logocide : "The trick is to replace a disagreeable image though the substance remains the same. The totalitarians consequently have to fabric a hate language in order to stir up the mass emotions. " etc, etc

Rings a bell...?

from factnet

shadok 2
Posted on Thursday, November 08, 2007

I have some thoughts regarding (most of) ex-members.

Ex-members played a role into building larouche criminal cult. How do they feel now about tragedies like Ken Kronberg's and Jeremiah Duggan's deaths? Do they feel any responsibility into not helping to expose the cult?

Most of them do not want to hear anything anymore about their larouchian past. Nothing happened, it was all a bad dream. Let's go back to what we learned so well: amnesia. Most of them feel embarrassed and sometimes ashamed.

I think that this feeling of silence and shame could be compared to... rape victims.
It is known that rape victims, especially when they are young, would keep their shameful secret for themselves and feel guilty for the rest of their lives. They don't want to talk about it. It's probably the same psychological mechanism for most of cult victims.

Does that mean ex members were just poor victims? No, they weren't. Unlike rape victims, the cult victims are also guilty as they were part of the offense... and enjoyed it!.
I plead guilty, unlike ex-members who would say "we only obeyed to the orders", which was the main line of defense of the Nazis tried at Nuremberg! This is, in my view, the real reason why many ex-members can't take it and would blame larouche watchers like D King or C Berlet; they aren't ready to face some facts and can't draw the lessons from it. Most of them feel ashamed and embarrassed. Embarassed because they were involved into things they now regret. Like a victim of a rape who drank too much that night...

Is the word "rape" too shocking? Well, not for larouche. Go back to his 1974 "Rockefellers'fascism with a democratic face" Campaigner, third part whose title was "Fascism' rape of the mind". The conspiracy was that "rockefeller" forces had the project of a "1984" fascist society using mass brainwashing techniques.
As usual and as we all know, in larouche land reality is turned upside down, on its head: Rockefeller's "1984 fascist" project was in reality larouche/big brother's... and Rockefeller's "rape of the mind" was what the members were submitted to: a.k.a. the BP sessions.

Now this notion of the "rape of the mind" was the central subject of a 1956 study on totalitarian regimes: "THE RAPE OF THE MIND: The Psychology of Thought Control, Menticide, and Brainwashing", by Joost A. M. Meerloo, M.D., Instructor in Psychiatry, Columbia University Lecturer in Social Psychology, New School for Social Research, Former Chief, Psychological Department, Netherlands Forces.

What this psychologist uncovered is shocking when applied to miniature totalitarian societies like political cults.

There are indeed striking, worrying parallels between this book, larouche's "Fascism' rape of the mind" as described in this Campaigner, especially regarding "mass psychosis", "paranoia", "local control" etc, and... his own Organization!


1. THE RAPE OF THE MIND - The Psychology of Thought Control, Menticide, and Brainwashing, by Joost A. M. Meerloo, M.D (1956) at
2. a former Larouchie

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