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Rockefellers' name is synonymous with Fascism

"Today the leading figures of the Morgans, Harrimans, Mellons, the British Rothschilds and the Shell empire are reduced to mere junior partners in the ruling, Rockefeller-family-dominated elite that runs the entire capitalist world. Today, the names Rockefeller, imperialism, and fascism are synonymous terms." (1)

the Rockefellers' policy is like the Nazis'...

"Concerning "zero growth," "anti-inflation" austerity, military aggression, looting of occupied territories, and the death-camp system, there are no differences between Nazi policies and those of the Rockefellers." (2)

... or even worse !

"Compared with the Rockefeller family, the worst of the Nazi's were shy humanitarians. Never before, even including the Nazis, has anyone proposed, as the Rockefellers have, to base a "new world order" on the genocidal extinction of hundreds of millions of human beings." (1)

"On the basis of proposals developed by such Rockefeller family proteges as Kurt Lewin, John Rawlings Rees, and their collaborators, the concept of "fascism with a democratic face" was developed, producing a more deadly and efficient form of mass genocide than Hitler's organization ever conceived." (1)

BUT in 1977-8: Here comes a change of line...

LaRouche says "Rockefeller may come over to our side"

"It will shock some that we must now face the hypothetical possibility that Nelson A. Rockefeller may, to one degree or another, come over to our side." (4)

...and has now turned "pro-industry" and anti-Kissinger

"But the present shift of Nelson Rockefeller away from zero growth to a pro-industrial energy policy is especially being fought by Kissinger, [...] Banker David, though taking tentative steps in the same direction as brother Nelson, still remains fundamentally a channel for British-Kissingerian policies within the USA." (3)

but . . . blames the Jews (e.g. the Rothschilds) for having contained their "pro-industry" impulses!

"Since they were created by Rothschild financing, the Rockefellers have been surrounded and contained. Historically, they have been manipulated into accepting Round Table policies (i.e. British, note) to ensure that they don't express the industrial capitalist impulses to which they have been prone." (3)

Now the new Villain is... Henry Kissinger


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