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This world hope of the chosen consists in living off all the nations as a sucking parasite. It consists in allowing Jerusalem to take shape only as an occasional centre of counsel from which instincts, which are thousands of years old, could be strengthened and enlarged through rational planning. Zionism would then be not a state political movement -- as some incorrigible European enthusiasts imagine -- but an essential movement for the strengthening, particularly, of the horizontal parasiticism of the intellectual and material commission business.Zionism is a hideous doctrine, a hideous cult in the strictest, most rigorously restricted usage of that characterization. It ought to be opposed merely on the grounds that no human being’s mind should be destroyed in the way that Zionism degrades its individual cultist. (1)
.The governments of Europe became quasi-nations, which had a financier oligarchy of the Anglo-Dutch type, squatting on top of them, sucking the blood out of them, with this financial usury of various forms, while, underneath you had people in Europe who were struggling to develop a nation-state form. So…You had a symbiosis between the host and its parasite. The parasite, the financier oligarchy; the host the national economy, the people who produce things, the real inventors…. (2) More at Zionism


1. LaRouche, “New Pamphlet to Document the Cult Origins of Zionism,” New Solidarity, Dec. 8, 1978.
2. LaRouche, “How the top one percent of American citizens think,” EIR, January 17, 1998

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