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When Bismarck was attacked from the conservative side as a socialist, he declared that the concept of socialism did not terrify him in certain circumstances. He socialised the railways and he recalled the act of emancipation of the peasants by Reichsfreiherr von Stein, which likewise represented a socialistic measure. Here, our own view is in the deepest accord with that of Bismarck. The act of the Reichsfreiherr von Stein signified the liberation of hundreds of thousands of peasants from a monstrously oppressive rule. Through this liberation of the creative forces, the welfare and character of the people were elevated. This act by the Reichsfreiherr von Stein remains until today one of the greatest milestones in the history of German socialist freedom.As a result of the 1876 convention, out of that came a change in Bismarck's policy for Germany. Germany adopted the American model, fully, for its industrial economic development. Germany, in the period between then and the First World War, emerged as the most powerful economy in Europe and the most rapidly growing. (1)


1. The Comet of Doom ; by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.; Dec. 14, 1997

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