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Defense of Sun Yat Sen vs. British-Jewish interests
As far as the Cantonese movement is concerned, it was led by a party which calls itself Kuomintang, which is much the same thing as a National Reich Party. Here national revolutionary Chinese energy had its greatest effect. It goes back to Dr. Sun Yat Sen, who was thoroughly schooled in European national ideas. He was the actual founder of the Kuomintang party. He alludes penetratingly in his speeches to the fact that nothing hastens the decline of a country more than the economic repression of a nation. Such repression was practised by the Anglosaxon nations, and here he particularly singles out the Jewish spirit.A Christian, Dr. Sun shared the Renaissance view of the American Founding Fathers that the role of science was found in the command in Genesis for mankind to ``bring dominion over nature. He wrote: ``The advance of science has made it possible for man to usurp the powers of nature and to do what natural forces have done. This, he believed, is the basis for social progress. He attacked equally the two dominant systems that had developed in opposition to the American system: the free trade model of Adam Smith and the Marxist model of dictatorship and class warfare. Sun had the ``advantage of having seen the massive death and destruction imposed upon his nation over the previous century by the British under the banner of ``free trade, and thus appreciated Hamilton's repeated warnings that such free trade arguments were simply a ruse for colonial economic domination and looting. Hamilton, said Sun, was concerned about ``liberty and equality pushed to excess, and ``founded the Federalist Party which advocated the centralization and not the diffusion of sovereign power. He described the U.S. Constitution as ``the first complete constitution in human history,'' and adopted the policy of strong centralized government with a separation of powers in his own proposed Constitution for the struggling Chinese Republic. (1)


1. Hamilton Influenced Sun Yat-Sen's Founding of the Chinese Republic by Michael O. Billington, Executive Intelligence Review, January, 1992

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